Fitness Spotlight: Soul Annex
Fitness Spotlight: Soul Annex

Everyone knows SoulCycle, the boutique spinning studio phenomenon that’s taken over NYC (and is now entering other areas too). But have you heard of SoulAnnex? It is a spin-off (no pun intended) from its parent SoulCycle, but without the bikes to make you sweat. Instead, SoulAnnex teaches its members in three different modalities called "MOVE," "DEFINE," and "ALIGN."

The company has explained the three modalities as follows:

MOVE: Feel the beat, embrace the rhythm, and experience how energy and momentum can take your workout to the next level.

DEFINE. Set intentions and sculpt strong muscles by drawing on high-intensity interval training and plyometrics to achieve your highest level of physical fitness.

ALIGN. Release tight muscles and improve core strength through the practice of active recovery, taking care of the body and mind.

The class is 50 minutes long. Each instructor brings something different to each modality and each class. As with its staple SoulCycle classes, SoulAnnex isn't just about training the body; it's equally about training the mind.

Booking a Class

To book a class at SoulAnnex, you'll need to create an account on their website. From there you can book all classes instantly. There is a maximum number of spots available for each class, so it's always better to sign up earlier than later.


A SoulAnnex class is $34 to reserve for a 50-minute class session. You can also book package classes as follows:

  • 1 Class: $34
  • 5 Classes: $165
  • 10 Classes: $320
  • 20 Classes: $600
  • 30 Classes: $850
  • NYC Super Soul 50 Classes $3,500
  • Hamptons Super Soul 50 Classes $4,000


Super Soul classes differ from traditional packages in that you can reserve classes before the sign-ups are open to the general public. Super Soul class purchasers also have waitlist priority and concierge services. Gift cards are also available.

Location and Contact

32 West 18th St

New York, NY 10011

Phone: 212-367-7597



SoulAnnex is located in the heart of the Flatiron district and is home to custom-created classes taught by Soul instructors. Best of all, it’s only a few short minutes from Stuytown's no fee apartments, making it a convenient everyday destination. We’d spring for that Super Soul pass!