Street Artist Kobra Creates 18 Murals Around NYC: See Where They're Located
Street Artist Kobra Creates 18 Murals Around NYC: See Where They're Located

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra has left his mark on New York City. Over five months, he painted 18 bright and meaningful murals for his “Colors of Freedom” series, which includes massive portraits of everyone from Albert Einstein and Michael Jackson to a New York firefighter and Star Wars’ 3-CPO.

All of them have a common message to promote peace and address problems with racism, immigration and violence. Kobra hopes his artwork inspires people to make positive changes in the world.

“Today is my last day here in New York, and I'm here precisely to say thank you because I was able to conclude the project Colors for Freedom.  I'd like to thank, first of all, God and my family and everybody else who was here with me, involved in this project,” Kobra wrote on Instagram.

“I made in total 18 murals around the city, and their goal is an urge for peace for all kinds of social justice, against racism, against violence. It was a period of 5 months, filled with challenges, but I leave with a feeling of accomplishment, having achieved something I have dreamed of, painting around New York, a city that is key to the history of street art. Thank you, NY.”

Click the photo below to check out the interactive map with all the mural locations.
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According to his website, Kobra “utilizes bright colors and bold lines while staying true to a kaleidoscope theme throughout his art. The technique of repeating squares and triangles allows him to bring to life the famous people he depicts in his images.”

In 2016, Kobra created a 180-foot-tall mural of pop icon David Bowie in Jersey City. One of his most famous paintings is “The Kiss,” which re-creates the famous 1945 photograph V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, revitalizing the image with technicolor hues.

(Photo Credit: Amber James, Beam Living)

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