It’s Easy Being Green: StuyTown’s Eco-Friendly Apartments
It’s Easy Being Green: StuyTown’s Eco-Friendly Apartments

StuyTown management is always looking for ways to improve our community. Whether that means addressing the quality of life issues that often plague New Yorkers or improving resident communications, our goal is to always provide a great living experience for our residents. Sometimes these things happen in ways that residents can’t necessarily see, like making the property more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Examining our energy usage has been one of our biggest recent initiatives and we are proud to announce that Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village have been awarded a 2015 ENERGY STAR certification by the Environmental Protection Agency!

Over the past couple of years, every aspect of property management and operations have been thoroughly examined and inefficiencies identified. Notable changes have included energy-efficient lighting in every hallway of every building and compact fluorescent lights in individual apartments. All apartments are uniformly outfitted with ENERGY STAR refrigerators and low-voltage baseboard molding, plus ENERGY STAR machines in all laundry rooms. In addition, we make sure that all windows are kept in excellent condition allowing warm air to be trapped in the winter and cold air in the summer plus air-tight A/C installations.

To tie it all together, our Building Management System allows us to constantly monitor heat, hot water, and ventilation systems. With constant tracking, our engineers are able to keep the various systems running at optimal levels of performance and efficiency.

Receiving ENERGY STAR certification is a great honor and a confirmation that our efforts have been successful. We are extremely proud to be one of the first multifamily communities in the country to receive this distinction. We look forward to many more years as an ENERGY STAR property and the environmental benefits that come with it. With our combined efforts, we can make a difference not just in our community but in the entire city. For more information please click here

Ways you can make a difference:

●      Choose ENERGY STAR-certified home electronics (TVs, sound systems, DVD players, etc.)

●      Turn off lights and appliances when not in use

●      Do not run air conditioners when no one is home

●      Use ceiling fans to supplement the benefits of air conditioners

●      Plug electronics into powerstrips

To learn more about ENERGY STAR and ways you can contribute to our energy efficient community, visit