A Winter Essential: The Best Hot Chocolate in NYC
A Winter Essential: The Best Hot Chocolate in NYC

With the temperature dropping, it is the perfect time to indulge in one of the seasons most popular beverages: hot chocolate. Here are some of the best spots to get decadent hot chocolate in Manhattan this season that are relatively close to your StuyTown apartment.

El Rey, an old Lower East Side spot located at 100 Stanton Street definitely delivers one of New York City's most interesting chocolate drinks. At El Rey they use brownie batter as their base. Yes, I said brownie batter. Their Brownie Batter Hot Chocolate, offers customers basically brownie batter minus the flour. The drink features dark cocoa powder, butter and cream, which are heated and whipped together to form a marshmallow like consistency. They also make their hot chocolates with swirly cappuccino designs on top, ideal for your next snapchat or Instagram post.

Leave it to Davey’s Ice Cream in the East Village at 137 1st Ave to not only serve amazing homemade ice cream but also hot chocolate that brings just as much delicious flavor. The hot chocolate is homemade featuring dark hot chocolate, along with heavy whipped cream and vanilla mega marshmallows. This hot milkshake is the perfect dessert for this winter season and they even do delivery!

No list of best hot chocolate would be complete without the inclusion of the rich and thick “original” version from The City Bakery. The chocolate drink is made from an assortment of dark chocolate bars and topped with a delicious homemade arshmallow. The puffy white marshmallow sits like a mouthwatering cloud floating in a sky of chocolate heaven. Thankfully the bakery, which has multiple locations, has one above Union Square and East of Gramercy Park at 3 West 18th Street that is relatively close to your StuyTown apartment. 

Max Brenner: A chocolate bar, restaurant and shop for chocolate lovers just steps away from Union Square does not disappoint with their delicious cup of hot chocolate. The drink features homemade vanilla cream, chopped chunks and boiled milk. This rich hot drink requires a drinker who can handle the extreme richness that is worth every sip. The best part is that the drink is served in a huge mug, their trademark cup that makes the experience extra special.

Last but definitely not least our very own Five Stuy Café serves a scrumptious hot chocolate that you can enjoy all winter long. The hot chocolate is made with dark chocolate and whole milk- simple and delicious! The hot chocolate basically tastes like you're drinking melted chocolate, what more could you want?

Be sure to stay warm during the winter months by drinking delicious hot chocolate in NYC! To find out more about our Manhattan apartment rentals, browse our no-fee apartment listings and contact us today!