Grow a Mo and Save a Bro.

This is one of the slogans of the Movember movement, an event that takes place each November.

The Beginning

Movember is a movement designed to raise awareness about men's health issues and specifically, prostate cancer.  The event began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, two friends, were having a discussion about how the mustache had fallen out of fashion and if there was a way to bring it back into style.

The men had a mutual friend whose mother was involved in raising money and awareness about breast cancer.  This inspired them to convince men to donate $10.00 to grow a mustache to raise funds and awareness for men's health issues. 30 men participated in the first Movember.

The group decided to formally adopt prostate cancer as their official cause in 2004 and Movember has consistently grown since that time.  There have been 5,232, 625 Movember participants since 2003 from nations throughout the world.  710 million dollars has been raised over the years and 1,200 men's health projects have received funding.

Movember in the United States

Movember began in the United States in 2007 when the group joined forces with the Prostate Cancer Foundation.   The movement was recognized as an official charity in 2009 and teamed up with the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

Movember seeks to fight prostate cancer by a comprehensive nine part plan of action.   

  1. Increasing education to teach men the symptoms and risk factors of prostate cancer.
  2. Encouraging global research.
  3. Learning more about the most deadly prostate tumors and how to slow or stop their progression. 
  4. Increasing access to services and support for patients and caregivers.
  5. Encouraging government programs to make treatment more affordable and allow new treatments to become available sooner.
  6. Developing more precise treatments and individualized plans of care.
  7. Providing accurate information that will help patients to make vital decisions regarding treatment.
  8. Raising the standards of treatment so that all men afflicted with prostate cancer receive the best care possible.
  9. Establishing global initiatives that will improve outcomes for patients around the world.

Contributions in Action

Funds raised by Movember helped researchers at the Michigan comprehensive Cancer Center learn that there are over 25 types of prostate cancer.    

Movember fundraising efforts have helped the the Advanced Prostate Cancer Imaging Initiative with research into discovering where a patient's cancer has spread and what specific type of cancer cells are involved.  Doctors can use this information to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient.

The TrueNTH is a global program that helps men diagnosed with prostate cancer to gain access to support and care for the period of time during and after treatment.  The programs works to give men vital information to help them make decisions regarding treatment and learn about the side effects of medical procedures.

Get Involved

It is easy to get involved with Movember.  

Visit the Movember Foundation to learn about the many ways you can help raise awareness, improve access to care and fund research into better, less invasive treatments.  

Progress in the fight against prostate cancer has been made but there still is a long fight ahead. Please take the time to help today.


StuyTown residents can get involved with Movember by following the links in the email. For more information on no fee rentals, contact StuyTown's leasing office today.