Best New East Village Restaurants
Best New East Village Restaurants

The East Village has evolved into a hub of hip restaurants that are constantly opening up. Often times it can be hard to keep up with all the new spots popping up in this lively downtown neighborhood so we thought we’d give you the scoop on the latest ones.

One of fall’s most buzzed-about restaurants opened this September in the East Village: Drunken Dumpling. This restaurant is the go-to spot for Chinese potstickers, pork buns, and most importantly their signature XL- sized Xiao Long Bao (aka GIGANTIC) soup dumplings. Yes, they are what have probably been taking over your Instagram newsfeed.  These dumplings are 6x times the size of classic dumplings- so big that they come with a straw so you that you can devour every last bit of that savory broth.

If you are looking to hit up outdoor food stands all year round, The Bowery Market, located on the corner of Bowery and Great Jones is your spot.  This permanent outdoor on-trend food market opened its doors (not literally) this July and features some of the most popular food vendors including: The Butcher’s Daughter (a vegetarian café and juice shop serving avocado toast & more), Alidoro (an Italian sandwich shop), Pulqueria (a Mexican canteen serving your favorite food/drink: tacos and piña coladas), Sushi on Jones (NYC’s first outdoor sushi bar and Champion Coffee), just cause they know you need that daily caffeine intake.

The chef at Hearth, the upscale Tuscan-American eatery in the East Village, has crossed into a new venture and cuisine with his debut of Zaydie’s Oyster Room this past June. The eclectic menu features oysters in a wide array of styles: pickled, raw, broiled, baked, steamed and poached. This is an oyster’ lover’s dream and potential new Manhattan food trend. Cooked oysters anyone?

MáLà Project, a Sichuan restaurant near the corner of St. Marks and First Avenue has brought hot pots to the East Village and even takes a spin on the traditional dish. The local restaurant not only serves hot pots but offers what it calls a “dry hot pot” - a variation on a Sichuan-style hot pot, with a selection of more than 60 ingredients and 4 different spice intensities. Some of the most interesting ingredients are pork belly, shitake mushroom, sweet potato and crab stick. If you’re really up for something unique order the frog, pig intestine, or squid tentacle.

And finally, David’s café, a chic eatery that serves French-American food, including steak frites, burgers, and chops. The casual restaurant is located at 110 Saint Marks Place and has a very homey and comfortable ambiance.