Take a Day Trip to Coney Island
Take a Day Trip to Coney Island

New York's Coney Island has been a summertime destination since the 1800's and is still a popular tourist spot today.   Millions of people have flocked to this Brooklyn iconic landmark over the years and will continue to do so for years to come.

Getting There

There are a number of subway, bus and rail lines that you can take to reach Coney Island.  The Long Island Railroad and the Metro-North Railroad will get you here as will a number of bus and subway routes.   Visit the Metro Transit Authority website or hopstop.com to find the most direct route to Coney Island.

Rides and Amusements

Coney Island has rides and attractions that have become famous over the years.

One of the most famous Coney Island rides is the Cyclone roller coaster.   This ride is world famous and has been designated as both New York City landmark and a New York State historic place.

The B&B Carousel was originally opened in 1919 and has been fully restored. There are 50 hand-carved horses and 2 chariots for riders to enjoy on this ride. The carousel can be found in the center of the Steeplechase Plaza.  

Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park is the home of the Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel.   This ride was constructed in 1920 has had a perfect safety record since that time.   Deno's also features 20 other rides and gamers will enjoy their two arcades.   Take a break from the rides and enjoy a slice of pizza from Famiglia's or visit the Sweet Shoppe for a delicious treat.  Visitors can enjoy free firework each Friday night.

Luna Park is one of the newest attractions at Coney Island.   The park is home to the Cyclone roller coaster and the Thunderbolt.   There are plenty of rides for the whole family and a number of places to grab a bite to eat.  Visitors can also enjoy arcades and go-karts at Luna Park.  

Visitors may purchase a 4 hours wristband for Luna Park for $35.00.   There are other offers for Luna Card deals that feature extra Luna Cards.  Each Luna card is equivalent to $1.00.

The New York Aquarium is the only such facility in New York City and is open during its current renovation project.  Admission prices are $11.95 for visitors ages 3 and above.

Restaurants and Shops

There are a number of places to eat and shop on Coney Island.   There are chain restaurants such as Applebee's, Dunkin Donuts and Crown Fried Chicken and area favorites such as Coney Island Gyro, Coney's Cones and Ruby's Bar and Grill.

Shoppers will enjoy browsing at the Brooklyn Beach Shop, Brooklyn Rock and the Coney Island Beach Shop.

On a Serious Note

The Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance is located on Surf Avenue in MCU Park. The memorial consists of 3 granite panels that measure 30 feet by 12 feet.  The panels are inscribed with the images of the first responders that gave their lives during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. 

Something for Everyone

Coney Island is a popular New York City landmark with amusement parks, attractions and 3 miles of beach that offer a summer break from the hectic city life. Make plans to visit this year.