Fun Outdoor Workouts in NYC
Fun Outdoor Workouts in NYC

From now into the fall is a great time to take your workout outside. Whether you are just starting out with your fitness journey, or you are looking to take some advanced classes, New York City has a plethora of outdoor workout classes and opportunities. Here are some fun outdoor workouts in NYC that you may want to check out.

Fun Outdoor Workouts in NYC

Everybody's idea of a fun workout is different, here are some great ideas to suit every fitness level, from sunrise yoga to the more physically adventurous workouts.

  • If you enjoy chatting and having fun while you exercise then you might want to check out Empire Skate Club's in-line skating group. Meeting outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday nights the group head off together for a 10-15 mile skate. You will need a helmet, wrist guards, and skates and there is no fee to join in on the skate. The club also offers other dates and times for their skate groups.
  • NYC Parks holds fitness classes throughout the city. These classes vary in activity and difficulty and range from yoga on the beach in Queens, to Zumba in Westerland Park. Whether you are looking to stretch or dance the blues away, NYC Parks has a class for you. A large percentage of the classes are free and if you wanted to, you could try a different class every day.  
  • Beastanetics is an outdoor HIIT class held twice a week in McCarren Park. This signature workout includes exercises taken from calisthenics, plyometrics, running and other high-energy drills. This hour-long workout is held on Tuesday and Thursdays both in the morning and the evening. A single class is around $15 or you can pay for a full eight-week session.
  • Held throughout NYC BRICK FlashWOD classes, held by BRICK New York are CrossFit type classes held outside. These workouts can be tough and are made up of both fast-paced cardio combined with weight training. If this doesn't sound like your type of workout BRICK also offer running endurance workouts and workouts in their studio. Classes are held regularly throughout the week and some are free. Be sure to check the schedule before you head out.
  • Saturdays in Central Park, Train P3 meet to put fitness fanatics through their paces. Workouts are made up of dynamic body weight resistance exercises. If you have always wanted to give Parkour or martial arts a try, this could be the right workout for you. Classes meet at 11 am on Saturday at the Central Park Bandshell or at Bethesda Fountain. Four classes cost $157 or you can pay for a single class for $49.
  • Roofdeck Yoga is the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Yo Yoga located on E 59th Street, host regular roof deck yoga classes throughout the warmer months. This studio has a full schedule of yoga classes all taught by yoga professionals. Single classes are $20 or you can purchase class packages to save a little money.

With so many choices when it comes to fun outdoor workouts in NYC you may find your summer quickly fills up. Grab a friend, find a class that sounds like fun and enjoy getting some fresh air while you put your body through its paces.