Jogging Paths in NYC

New York City is truly one of the world’s greatest places to live. As a resident you have access to shopping, fine dining, sporting events, culture, and businesses that other places merely dream of. However, sometimes all you need is a relaxing jog. Here is a brief list of some of the best Jogging Paths In New York and information about each. As you will soon see the Jogging Paths In New York offer not just a good workout but some of the most scenic running routes in the nation.          

Along The Hudson River

The greenway along the Hudson River is a very popular location for runners and bike riders alike. Among Jogging Paths In New York this is a popular one due to its location and the beautiful scenery of the route itself. Easily accessed this path runs from the Bronx all the way to Battery Park. In terms of length this path offers several options. The overall length is 8.89 miles if you run the entire route. However, its very easy to turn around at various points for three or four miles runs. As this is a popular route you will have to be selective about your run times. As the route can be very crowded during the day early morning and early evening jogs allow for more room and smaller crowds. As an aside as bike riders like this path as well you will have to keep watch for them to keep safe. Sites along the route include the George Washington Bridge, the USS Intrepid, and the world famous Statue of Liberty. If you enjoy the most famous of New York City’s sites this is an ideal pathway.      

Along The East River

If you are looking for a jogging path that’s unique and not overly crowded the East River offers an interesting opportunity. This route starts at northern Central Park and you cross the RFK Bridge onto Randall’s Island. From there you’ll cross into Queens and run along Astoria Blvd. before crossing over onto Vernon Blvd and running along the river. Next you will cross back over the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge before running along FDR Drive and cross onto East 89th St. back towards Central Park. This lengthy run is 16 miles in total. For a shorter 5 mile jog run around Randall’s Island and take the Ward's Island Bridge towards FDR and to 110th St. Although a more urban route this path avoids traffic. The view of Manhattan and the many bridges of the East River make this a unique and scenic choice.    

Across The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

For the jogging pro you will find this quick route a nice change of pace with a great view of the river. Starting at Center St. you will jog along the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade and then across the Brooklyn Bridge itself. From there take Prospect St. to Adams St. and cross over to York St. which brings you to the Manhattan Bridge. Running back across the East River exit at Bowery. From there running across Chatham Square takes you to Worth St and back onto Center St. Running along Center St. takes you back to the starting point. This looping route is only 3.7 miles but offers a nice view of the river and a jog across famous landmarks. For the best time to jog early in the morning is advised. Going on early Sunday morning further cuts down on the foot traffic.     

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