A Guide to NYC Parks

Our tremendous metropolis of New York City is perhaps known more many things besides public parks, but even a short walk around Manhattan will bring you to many NYC parks of all shapes and sizes.

Central Park

Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world and one of the most visited urban parks in America. There are a number of amenities ranging from a boating lake to a zoo. It even hosts such events as Shakespeare in the Park. Central Park is also bordered by some of the finest cultural institutions in the world, such as the Guggenheim and the American Museum of Natural History.

Stuyvesant Square

We can also find many NYC parks closer to home. Not even a block away from PCVST is Stuyvesant Square. Bisected by 2nd Avenue, the park is now a protected place surrounded by historic landmarks such as the Friends Meeting House and St. George's Episcopal Church. It also contains a statue of famous composer Antonín Dvorák and of Dutch Director-General of New York (then still New Amsterdam) Peter Stuyvesant.

Union Square Park

A short way further west sits Union Square Park at the intersection of 14th Street and Union Square West. This historic square is almost two centuries old in age. In its capacity as a public commons, it was first called Union Place. Today the park is surrounded by a variety of historic buildings as well as new features like the Metronome installation. The park contains a particularly impressive statue of George Washington on horseback as well as one of Indian liberation leader Gandhi.

Madison Square Park

The Flatiron area is home to Madison Square Park. Aside from that amazing piece of architecture that is the Flatiron building and others like the Met Life Tower, the park itself has benefited from an extensive renovation completed in 200. Today you can find not only the usual array of masterful statues but a beautiful fountain and, on occasion, concerts which are held in the park.

Washington Square Park

Another quintessential NYC park is Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. The centerpiece of this park is the Washington Square Arch, a marble triumphal arch celebrating. When it was built, it was the centennial of Washington's inauguration as President. The arch overlooks the park's popular fountain and the park has long been a site for artists. Today you can enjoy a game of chess if you are so inclined, or if your brain prefers some rest, take in the gardens and trees.

PCVST Living

PCVST is proud to be an urban oasis in the middle of a bustling urban city. This is one of the only apartment complexes where you will find parks and grassy fields filled with squirrels, birds and families. PCVST houses amenities such as playgrounds, basketball courts, skating rinks, tennis courts and more.

Numerous as they are this is just a tiny selection of NYC parks which residents of PCVST and the city at large can enjoy. Oases of green among the towering buildings do exist in this urban city life. No matter what sort of outdoor experience you want, it can be found in an NYC park and the efforts to revive and revitalize these parks over the past decades shows just how beneficial these spaces can be.