Broadway Shows in NYC

The Broadway Theater District is where high-quality entertainment can be found. Throughout the history of Broadway, patrons have been able to experience the best plays and musicals that can in all of the United States. As a resident of StuyTown you are among the elite group of people who are in close vicinity to one of the most popular attractions in New York. There are currently a good variety of shows for you to see on Broadway. You have a choice of musicals and plays which have been on Broadway for many years or those which are making their debut. The following list will help you decide which show you would like to see first:



This musical has been on Broadway for many years. It is very popular and currently has no closing date. It is playing at the George Gershwin Theatre. The musical is about two witches who have grown up and taken different paths in life. The price for tickets range from $76 to $180.


Recently opened on Broadway in 2013, this whimsical musical follows the antics of young girl and is based on the book written by Ronald Dahl. Playing at the Shubert Theatre and tickets prices begin around $37.

The Lion King

This spectacular musical is sure to leave you a bit awestruck as you watch the visually extraordinary play. The settings for most of the acts are mobile. To add to the fascinating settings is the story of a young lion who learns the lessons of life as he makes his way into adulthood. The setting, the story and the stunning performances of the actors will leave you wanting to see this play multiple times.  You can experience this wonderful musical at the Minskoff Theatre with ticket prices starting around $92.



You Can't Take it With You

It's a play about the meeting of two different families. One family is living their lives in a very modern way while the other is staunched in tradition. James Earl Jones is one of the headliners in this play who will give you an absolutely exemplary performance. Visit the Longacre Theatre to experience the antics of this play. Tickets start from $55.

A Delicate Balance

This play is about the time in the life if an older married couple who are dealing with supporting family in their home. Everyone seems to have a challenging part of their personality that causes tension in the household. You can experience how this couple deals with the challenges that arise. You will enjoy the performances of Glenn Close and John Lithgow as they portray the married couple. A Delicate Balance is playing at the John Golden Theatre. Tickets start around $60.

The Elephant Man

Bradley Cooper is the star of this play which is based on a true story of Joseph Merrick who became a star, of sorts, in a freak show. It chronicles his life as he tries to fit into "normal" society. Bradley Cooper is sure to give a great performance. It is now playing at the Booth Theatre. Tickets prices start around $79.

You are able to spend time on Broadway when you go to see any of these performances. You also have the opportunity to have Broadway a short distance from your home when you are a resident of StuyTown. You can find out more about the apartment community and other interesting community amenities at our StuyTown  website.