Find Apartments in NYC

A Guide to Finding Your Next Apartment in Manhattan

Finding an apartment can be a stressful and arduous task. While the internet is a source of information, without proper guidance the process can be quite overwhelming. There are many decisions to be made such as the location, which apartment fees are affordable, choosing a moving company, finding a broker etc. One thing that can definitely make your apartment search easier, is making it less expensive by finding no fee rentals . Read on for some tips on how to find your next apartment in Manhattan.

Rest assured, no-fee rentals do exist, and you can find them. Apartment complexes like Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town (PCVST) pride themselves on offering no-fee rentals that ensure maximum value for their renters. In addition to seeking no-fee rental, learn what else to consider before you start your NYC apartment search:

  1. Location, location, location. Where do you want to be in the city? Whether it’s near your school, work, or favorite neighborhood, narrowing down the areas in which you might want to live is the first step to beginning your search for a rental in New York City. Do you like the Lower East SideGramercyWilliamsburg, or something different? Give a lot of thought to your options, and remember that it might be exciting to branch out of your comfort zone and live in a new area!
  2. Transportation and parking. New York City is a walking city, but you have places to go and people to see. Before your move, make sure to define your preferred mode of transportation. If you rely on the subway, you’ll want to be near a stop, but if you happen to own a vehicle, you’ll want ensured access to parking. Many people choose to live in communities like PCVST for access to valet parking in garages and shuttles operated by the concierge for optimum morning commute convenience.
  3. Healthy living. You know what you need to do to live healthy: eat well and exercise often. More often than not however, that’s difficult to do when your gym is far away from your home and your grocery store rarely has fresh produce. You’ll want to consider the proximity of fresh food markets and fitness centers to any apartment that you look into. Invest in your health, not just a new apartment.
  4. Reputable real estate/rental company. The last thing you want to happen is to rent from a management company that has a bad reputation in the industry of anything from poor response to resident concerns to failing to return security deposits. Make sure to thoroughly vet all management companies you are considering renting from by reviewing their website and rental policies, making sure they are a part of the Better Business Bureau, and talking to current and past residents. Often, long-established and well-rented apartment communities like PCVST, which was originally constructed in 1945 and is currently home to over 30,000 residents, are more likely to be able to ensure a stable living environment, fair terms, and a great sense of community.

During your search to find apartments in NYC that are no-fee rentals, try researching reputable management companies and consider your top locations to live, your preferred mode of transportation, and the proximity you might need to lifestyle amenities like fitness centers, or a dry cleaners. Be sure to consider an apartment at PCVST, the ultimate retreat from the city. PCVST is surrounded by great neighborhoods like the East Village and Murray Hill, and which offers many unique opportunities for residents, including a Greenmarket,outdoor recreation areas, and exclusive sports tournaments. When it comes time to move, be sure to follow our New Apartment Moving Checklist to help you stay organized during the transition.