Fun in NYC for FREE

Living in such in NYC, you’re faced with an endless amounts of activities and possibilities to explore on any given day. There is something fun for everyone, no matter what the age group. Here at Stuytown we hae residents of all ages and with all different budgets. However, no matter what your age or disposable income, we know everyone enjoys free

Free and Fun for All

One major attraction that is always free, is Central Park. Within the park there are always free events happening, whether it be concerts, carnivals or other shows. You can also take in all the sights the park has to offer, whether you’re a nature lover or just someone who loves laying in the sun.

Another fun free NYC activity is taking the free ferry to Governor’s Island or the ferry to Staten Island for just a MetroCard swipe. On Governor’s Island there’s a bike path, a picnic area, and military sites such as a ‘ghost town’ at Nolan Park. The Staten Island Ferry offers unparalleled views of the Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island and Manhattan skyline.

Visiting the High Line is fun for the whole family. A public park built on elevated railways, it’s filled with beautiful gardens, interesting modern architecture and cool views of the city you won’t get elsewhere.

Places to Take the Kids

When the kids are on break, when school is out, or just during weekends, it’s always nice to get out and try something new in NYC. There are many things that can be done in the area that don’t have to cost you a thing. Even if the weather doesn’t always allow for outdoor fun, there are still plenty things to do:

When the weather is nice you can visit the zoos and Botanical Gardens.

Places For Teens and Young Adults

There are great hangouts around NYC for the young adults and teens. These places are free and are great to keep them active and entertained.

  • New York Public Library. This is a great spot for those that love to read and can enjoy the beauty of this library.
  • Concerts in the Park. During the summer months on Saturday nights, Prospect Park in Brooklyn hosts free concerts.
  • Outdoor Pools. During the summer there are dozens of outdoor public pools across the city to enjoy.

Things for Adults and Seniors

Take time out from your busy schedule to get out for a little while, or plan out a fun-filled weekend. Either way, these activities can also be fairly cheap or even free. Just because you may be ‘grown up’ doesn’t mean you cannot get out and have a little fun!

  • Big Apple Greeter. Take a tour of the city, the company’s greeters can tell you all there is to know about NYC. We also have a deal on Deal Corner for Metro NYC Tours!
  • Central Park Conservancy. There are several tours available for you to take. We suggest the Castle and Its Kingdom tour, or take tours of the garden.
  • Japan Society. Take in the breathtaking art of the Japanese culture. The exhibit is free on Fridays from 6pm until 9pm.

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