Fun Activities for You and Your Pet Around NYC
Fun Activities for You and Your Pet Around NYC

One of the biggest advantages to living in Sutytown is the fact that we’re a pet friendly apartment community. On top of finding pets in all shapes and sizes, you’ll also find plenty of things to do with your furry friend near our pet friendly apartments in NYC. Here are just a few attractions you and your companion animal can enjoy.

Tompkins Square Dog Run

The city's first dog run was opened in 1990 as part of the renovation of Tompkins Square Park. Famous for it’s Halloween Dog Parade, Tompkins Square Dog Run also features a state-of-the-art running surface composed of decomposed granite sand, underground drainage, a large and small dog run, 3 swimming pools, picnic tables, as well as bath areas & hoses to spray off your dog before returning home.

Stuyvesant Square Park Dog Run

Our closest dog park is our neighbor in Stuyvestant Square, Stuyvestant Square Park Dog Run.  Paved with cobblestone, most pet owners like this run because of it’s cleanliness. No sand and dirt means a clean puppy when you get back to your apartment. Open everyday from dawn to dusk, this is your best option in Stuytown when looking for a quick outing with your pup.

Canine Country Outing, New York City

The owners of Canine Country Outings will transport your dog to a wilderness area just outside the Big Apple, where they can embark on an adventure that’s exhilarating both mentally and physically. This tour allows your pet an escape to the great outdoors that includes off-leash hiking, running and swimming. Your dog will also have the opportunity to socialize with other canines that are along for the ride as well. In all, your pet will receive three fun hours of outdoor playtime, and will return tired and ready for a good night’s rest.

Sirius Dog Run, Battery Park

This dog run is easily accessible inside Battery Park, and is named for a service dog who gave his life during search and rescue operations after 9/11. This park contains plenty of space where your pet can run freely, and even has comfortable benches where you can relax while still keeping a watchful eye out. One of the highlights of this dog run is the swimming pool that drains and refills every 15 minutes. It’s a fun place for your pet to cool off during the intense summer heat.


Tompkins Square Dog Run - East Village NYC