Go Swimming This Summer At These NYC Pools
Go Swimming This Summer At These NYC Pools

Anybody that has lived through just one summer in NYC knows that it can get hot and humid.  You can wait for a breeze to sweep in to cool you off or you can go swimming this summer at these NYC Pools. With over 60 pools spread throughout the 5 boroughs, it is actually easy to find a pool, especially once you know where to look. Here are some of the best pools found in NYC.

Free Pools

There are many free outside pools throughout NYC, these four are some of the best and worth checking out.

  • Astoria Pool - With plenty of places to lounge, nice big Olympic sized lanes, and the amazing views, the Astoria pool has been a favorite for NYC residents for a long time. Located between Robert F Kennedy Bridge and Hell Gate Bridge this pool is the perfect place to cool off.  This pool is one of the many free outdoor pools in the city.
  •  The Floating Pool - Located in the Bronx this unique pool is located on top of a movable barge. This free pool is popular amongst those in the neighborhood and may be a quiet choice for visitors, however it is a mile from the nearest subway stop. Locker rooms are available and the views are spectacular.
  • Douglass and DeGraw Pool - Quiet during the middle of the day the Douglass and DeGraw Pool located on Third Avenue and Nevins Street in Brooklyn is a good pick if you are looking to relax. Another free outdoor pool, this pool includes benches, canopies, a wading pool and plenty of deck space.
  • Lasker Pool - If you are looking for a spot near Central Park to take a dip, this pool sits on the northern tip of the park. An over lagoon has ample space  for everyone to cool off, however there isn’t a whole lot of shade nearby. There is an Olympic pool and a wading pool and entrance is Free.

Day Pass Pools

Both inside and outside pools, these two pools offer a quieter environment that comes at a cost.

  • Stuyvesant High School Community Center - If you are looking to beat the heat at an indoor pool, then this community center pool is a great deal. The recently renovated pool is open on weekends and Friday and costs $15 for adults and $10 for children. This price gives you unlimited access for a full day.
  • Fairview Pool - Located on Grand Central Parkway and 62nd Avenue this pool is an Olympic-sized private pool that is located outside. There is plenty of fun to be had at Fairview Pool and the pool is often less crowded thanks to the fact that you have to pay to get in. A day pass will cost $25 for adults and $10 for children.

Next time it is hot outside, beat the heat and go swimming this summer at these NYC pools.