President's Day 2017

President's Day is another famous holiday in the month of February. President's Day honors all of the presidents of the United States. The entire President's Day weekend presents a number of opportunities for you and your family to have fun. Here is a look at some events happening around New York

School Vacation Week 

Kids can celebrate President's Day by participating in the New York Historical Society's events. There will be a daily Presidential Scavenger Hunt, where you can search for different objects and images associated with the presidential history inside the museum. You can also participate in the presidential crafts workshop, where you can make portraits and take home a parade bunting. The New York Historical Society also has different exhibits that you can take a look at. The New York Historical Society Museum offers fun and entertainment for the whole family. 

We The People 

We The People is probably the most famous exhibit at the New York Historical Society Museum. The exhibit was installed by Nari Ward, and created with the help of shoelaces from different visitors. Visitors can look at the sculpture as it is installed, and post a note on the preamble wall to talk about how the words "We The People" have impacted their lives. 

The History Mystery 

The time traveling production will take place at the TADA Youth Theater. Children can learn about Martin Luther King Jr, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Wright Brothers, among many other historical figures. The TADA Theater is located in Midtown. 

Sugar Hill Children's Museum 

The museum is based on love and compassion. The museum is popular for its interactive activities and unique story telling. Visitors can go to the Light Room to learn about building self determination, as well as the importance of contributing to your community. The Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling collaborates with Pure Vision Arts to help provide people with disabilities the chance to use art to express themselves. You and your family can enjoy stories that celebrate love, grace, and courage. Come out, sing, dance, and just have a great time. 

There are also many different parks and monuments around the city, that will also be celebrating President's Day. Here are a few places to visit during the weekend. 

George Washington at Valley Forge 

Henry Mervin Shrady sculpted the depiction of George Washington in 1778. Washington is wearing a cloak while in deep thought. 

Abraham Lincoln 

The statue was created by Henry Kirke Brown. The statue depicts Lincoln in Union Square. 

Lafayette and Washington Statues 

Famous French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was tasked by Joseph Pulitzer to create this statue showing Washington, while General Bartholdi completed the statue of Marquis de Lafayette in Paris. A replica was sent to New York.