Neighborhood Fitness: Y7 Yoga Studio
Neighborhood Fitness: Y7 Yoga Studio

About Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio brings you a different kind of workout. While many other studios are focused on a bright layout and interior design Y7 is focused on on the workout itself in calming focused setting. At Y7 they combine an intense yoga program, candle light, heat, and hip-hop music to bring you inner calm and physical well being. The best part is that it's also super close to Stuyvesant Town.


Teachers at Y7 Studios come from a wide range of backgrounds, interest, and musical tastes. All came to yoga in their own way however, what they all share in common is a commitment to the art of yoga and the mission of Y7 Studios to help people achieve their health goals. Y7 also offers a 200 hour teacher training program and mentorship program if you are interested in getting more involved.


  • Weflowhard Vinyasa: is an all levels class focused on physical improvement and mental calmness. Vinyasa is based on mindful movement and the class itself reflects this philosophy by combining stretching, exercises, and breathing. Carefully arranged and set to music the Vinyasa class promotes full body health for the open minded.

  • Weflowhard Slow Burn: focuses on a slower pace that allows you to focus on the structural aspects of yoga and how important it is to master your breathing. Like the Vinyasa workout it is careful constructed to meet its goals. The Slow Burn workout focuses heavily on the yoga concept of Pranayama (control of breath). While slower paced this class still gives you a good workout and is an excellent evening class to allow you to recover from the day.     

  • Private Instruction/Classes: sometimes you want to workout by yourself or with a small group of friends. The reasons for this are many and can include sport teams, coworkers, and if you have specific physical needs. Y7 Studio has private classes available by appointment.


Y7 Studio offers several different pricing packages to fit your fitness (and financial) needs. These are as follows:

For New Clients

  • Two Weeks Unlimited is $45

  • One Month Unlimited is $99

Class Packages

  • A single class is $25

  • A five class packages is $115

  • A ten class packages is $210

  • A fifteen class packages is $295

  • A twenty five class packages is $440

Unlimited Memberships

  • A monthly unlimited membership is $179

  • A ninety day unlimited membership is $489

  • A yearly membership is $1,899

  • Note that all Unlimited Memberships also include free towel and mat rental.

Equipment Rentals

  • Lastly, unless you have an unlimited membership mats cost $2 per rental and towels cost $3 per rental.


If you are looking for an intense workout with a stripped down approach and hip hop sounds Y7 Studio is here to help. Located in the Flatiron district they also have locations around NYC including Brooklyn, Soho, West Hollywood, and Union Square. Click here to learn more about Y7 Studio and what they offer.