Restaurant Spotlight: Barnjoo
Restaurant Spotlight: Barnjoo

Barn Joo is a Korean gastropub in the Flatiron District just a short walk from StuyTown. Barn Joo is located at 893 Broadway in New York, as well as another location up in Midtown Manhattan. One of the major characteristics of Barn Joo's menu is the different array of plates highlighting farm to table ingredients, which offer comfort foods with Korean based flavor. Barn Joo focuses on using different ingredients to transform them into exotic flavors that are simple and easy for customers to relate to. Guests are encouraged to head to our bar and have something to eat or try a specialty cocktail in the lounge. Guests can also opt for a unique dining experience under our organic ambiance.

The Korean translation of Barn Joo is a musical accompaniment or drinks with your meals. Barn Joo hopes to create a warm and friendly place for you to dine and enjoy some music. Barn Joo's mission statement is that Barn Joo feels that their guests should receive food of the highest possible quality that consists of unique flavor and healthy ingredients. The farm to table approach helps Barn Joo use natural and organic ingredients from local markets. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Barn Joo is Charles Tiger Chong. Chong is proud to see the Korean dining scene spill into the Flatiron District. Chong says that the symbol of heavy hanging ropes is important to tie or connect people together. Chong is looking forward to further expansion in the future. 

Barn Joo features a menu that is all natural, organic, grass fed, and hormone free. Barn Joo has a lunch menu that consists of many different items. If you would like to try greens, Barn Joo offers a chef's chicken salad. Barn Joo offers Jap Chae and spicy momil noodles. Fried Tiger rolls and rice are also on the menu. Barn Joo has both a HWE Bibimbap and UNI Bibimbap bowl. Barn Joo has a Flatiron Special and a Farmer's meal, along with sides, such as truffle fries. Coffee, tea, and iced tea are available drinks on their lunch menu. 

On Barn Joo's dinner menu, they offer a few different items compared to the lunch menu. Barn Joo has different types of oysters, greens, pancakes, noodles, and tacos. Barn Joo has a seafood menu featuring spicy grilled octopus, chili tiger shrimp, and fried tiger roll. On Barn Joo's bites menu, they serve roasted bacon and veggies, truffle mushrooms, popcorn chicken, and homemade pickles among other items. On Barn Joo's meat menu, they serve LA Galbi, Pork Belly Confit, and Truffle Bulgogi. Some good items to enjoy on the side include BJ wings, fried dumplings, and beef tartare, along with spicy seafood rice cake. 

Barn Joo has a very large menu of drinks for customers to choose from. Customers have the option of choosing from draft beer or bottled beer, featuring drinks such as The Blue Point Toasted Red Lager, Hoegaarden White Ale, Southampton Double White, and Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Different types of Bourbon, Rye, and Whiskey are also on the menu. The signature of Barn Joo is their cocktails. Barn Joo wants to create the most innovative cocktails using organic ingredients. There are specialty cocktails such as Lavender Honey or Smoked Manhattan, season cocktails such as Holy Moly, and Soju cocktails such as Soju Colada. Different types of wine, from bubbly and white to red, are also available. 

Barn Joo also has delivery and takeout services available for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy a free complimentary soda with every delivery or order from Barn Joo.