Restaurant Spotlight: Javelina
Restaurant Spotlight: Javelina

Many people in New York are interested in finding a true Mexican food experience. Javelina is attempting to separate itself from any comparisons to other Mexican restaurants. Javelina prides itself in being Tex-Mex, as they specialize in dishes like chicken fried steak, chile rellenos, and enchiladas. For Texans who dine at Javelina, Shiner Bock is also on the menu. The restaurant is named for a peccary and the mascot Javier the Javelina watches over the restaurant. Javelina is located at 119 East 18th Street in Irving Place. Javelina has become a popular place to dine in at while visiting Gramercy Park, just steps from the StuyTown community. 

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Javelina is how it is always packed, especially during the early hours of dinner. Reservation times may be an issue, even if you try to make a reservation a week or two ahead of time. The restaurant holds a little over 50 seats, and regardless of the hour, there are always manh patrons in the restaurant. 

Margaritas are served either fresh or frozen, and Javelina has earned good reviews about their bartenders. Javelina waiters have also received great reviews for their fun demeanor when it comes to serving people. Javelina often suggests queso with all of the appetizers. The hot peppers are stirred into the cheese, while also being flavored with serranos. There is also another version of queso to come that will feature roasted poblanos and jalapenos. 

The lead chef is Richard Caruso, who prepares a diverse menu that Javelina uses to serve its customers. Some popular menu items include The Bob Armstrong, which is a premium queso. The Bob Armstrong comes with guacamole, ground beef, and sour cream. Crispy beef tacos are another popular item on the menu with a corn tortilla, ground beef, pico de gallo, and shredded mixed cheese. Another Javelina specialty is The Mag Mud, featuring white queso, black beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Special appetizers at Javelina include nachos, Quesadillas, tamales, and taquitos. 

Javelina also offers different soups and salads such as Texas Red Chili and Tortilla Soup, along with House and Javelina salads. Javelina has a unique collection of entrees, including avocado brisket, chicken, and fish tacos. You can also order fajitas and burritos. Other entree items include burgers, carne asada, and chicken fried steak. Javelina offers multiple types of beer and wine. 


StuyTown residents that are looking for a fun night out should look no further than Javelina. For those who are interested in living in the StuyTown community, contact our leasing office for more information on our no fee apartments.