Restaurant Spotlight: Junoon
Restaurant Spotlight: Junoon

About Junoon

Junoon translates to passion from Hindi. Passion defines what Junoon brings to their food, customer service, and restaurant ambiance. Junoon’s cuisine is a blend of classic Indian food and cutting edge modern cooking techniques and trends. Made with the freshest of ingredients their dishes are served in a refined setting alongside a complete (and award winning) wine bar. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Junoon a stand out among Indian restaurants in New York City.   

The Decor

The decor of Junoon is a blend of classic Indian design concepts and materials alongside an elegant modern dining setting fitting for the finest restaurants of New York City. Materials such as black Indian limestone along with wood carvings and statues create a unique atmosphere to enjoy your meal in. Design highlights include:   

  • Junoon Walk: splits into two dining rooms. This 50 foot walkway traces is adorned with a steel basin and accented with sandstone sculptures depicting the ‘Tree of Life’. The main dining room is softly lit and warmly decorated. The Jaipur room (the second of the two dining rooms) is accented with a wooden archway. This 200 year old piece of art traces its history to Jaipur India.     

  • Patiala Room: is a relaxed dining room whose design includes wood floors and walls along with glass top spice tables made from converted antique Jhoola swings. A black marble stone L shaped bar completes the room.  

  • Spice Room: is visible to guests and shows the unique ingredients that are made fresh daily and goes into the dishes Junoon prepares for visitors. Junoon’s spice selection includes onto only classics selections but also customized blends to create truly unique and inventive flavor combinations.  

The Menu

As noted above Junoon offers classic Indian cuisine from India’s rich and varied culinary traditions. Full menus including lunch, dinner, and full three course meals are available. Food selection includes  classic dishes such as kofta, curry, lababdar, tikka, rice dishes, and naan. Dishes range from vegetarian options or meat choices such as chicken, goat, duck, lobster, and red snapper. For dessert tarts, sorbets, phirni, and lassi are just some of the selections.

Also of note is Junoon’s extensive wine program including sparkling, red, white, sweet, and campaigning from all over the world. At 36 pages their wine menu is not to be missed. The drink selection also includes ciders, ales, cocktails, mixed drinks, beer and whiskey.


Junoon is open for lunch from 12:00 pm to 2:45 pm daily and for dinner from 5:30 pm to 10:15 PM on Monday through Thursday and on Sundays. Friday and Saturday hours are much the same with 12:00 pm to 2:45 pm for lunch and  an extra hour for dinner guests with dinner hours from 5:30 pm to 11:15 PM. Note that hours may differ due to holidays.    


For residents of the Stuyvesant Town community looking for a good meal Junoon’s menu of authentic Indian cuisine in a relaxing setting is an ideal choice. Aside from several awards Junoon has also been praised in the pages of the New York Times, The Michelin Travel Guide, and Wine Spectator for the quality food and wine they offer their guests. Located at 27 W 24th Street in the Flatiron District, Junoon offers a unique dining experience no matter if you are looking for a good meal or if you want a private dining experience to celebrate a special occasion.