Restaurant Spotlight: Mari Vanna
Restaurant Spotlight: Mari Vanna

About The Mari Vanna

Located on 41 East 20th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue in the Flatiron District, Mari Vanna serves the classic cuisine of Russia in an authentic setting that calls to mind the 1900s. When you dine there you sit among Matrioshka dolls, old photography, a violin, an authentic 1924 camera, and a library filled with the works of Russia’s long and esteemed literary history. The theme of Mari Vanna is walking into the warm home of your Russian Grandmother to enjoy food and drink away from the snowy streets of St. Petersburg, but you can enjoy it right in the heart of New York City. A cozy and relaxing place to enjoy lunch or dinner. The menu is described in detail bellow.   

The Menu

The Mari Vanna serves a full menu with lunch and dinner options along with specialty meals such as Sunday Brunch and the Pre Lunch fix. These various offerings are as follows.

The Lunch Menu

  • Salads: include classic offerings such as vinaigrettes, the Russian Olivier Salad, garden salads, artichoke salads, herring salads, and sunflower salads.

  • Appetizers: include herring, Soleniya (a traditional selection of pickled vegetables), a vegetable blend caviar, pirozhok (a stuffed pie), bikinis, and lamb or salmon sandwiches.  

  • Soups: include chicken,  mushroom, and naturally borsch. Russian specialty soups such as okroshka a cold vegetable soup and the chilled beet soup svekolnik are also available.

  • Entrees: offer a wide assortment of classic Russian cuisines including Zucchini Pancakes, Beef Stroganoff , Lamb Shank, Veal Pelmeni, Chicken Kotletki, Chicken Kiev, Siberian Pelmeni (stuffed dumplings), and more.    

The Dinner Menu

  • Caviar: is served with blinis (crepes) and condiments. Varieties include red caviar, three different types of black caviar, and caviar dishes with infused vodka shots included.

  • Soups And Salads: include the same offerings as the above lunch menu.

  • Appetizers: come in both cold and hot varieties. Cold appetizers are an appealing mix of seafoods such as herring, oysters, and sturgeon and vegetable dishes such as Soleniya, and marinated mushrooms. Other options include beef tongue and cured pork. Hot appetizers include pancakes, cheese pie, blinis, pirozhok, veal, and various meat dumplings.  

  • Entrees: are a wide selection of various dishes including Black Cod, Salmon Kebob, Beef or Chicken Shashlik, Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganoff, Tapaka (Cornish Hen), Lamb Chops, Golubtzi (stuffed cabbage), and more.    

Other Menu Options

  • Sides: include vegetable options such as mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

  • Deserts: include rich teas, jams, pastries, cakes, blinis, pies, ice cream, and cheese pancakes.

  • Drinks: include traditional choices such as water, tea, coffee, soda, and juices. Of particular note is the House Infused Vodka which infuses high quality Russian vodka with your choice of various flavors. Flavors include cherry, apricot, strawberry, and a pear and vanilla blend just name a few examples.   

  • Sunday Brunch: is a one charge two course meal that offers a wide variety of main courses, salads, desserts, and soup choices.

  • Pre Lunch Fix: is a single price brunch option offering you a choice of a soup or salad with a choice of entree.

Mari Vanna

The Mari Vanna offers an atmosphere and cuisine that are both unique. If you are looking for a restaurant offering a relaxing setting along with distinctive culinary choices the Mari Vanna is one to consider. Their website offers not only a full menu but also several pictures and stories of the restaurant itself and what makes it so unique.  It is also conviently close to all of StuyTown's no fee apartments.