A History of Murray Hill

Murray Hill is a Manhattan neighborhood which has a history that extends back in time to the 18th century. It is named after the first family who lived in the area. Robert and Mary Murray were Quakers who established their home and family in the area in the 18th Century. Their physical house was, at the time, built on a hill which became popularly known as Murray Hill.

As the years progressed, as with most neighborhoods, the area experienced many changes. The 19th century brought about the establishment of the Park Avenue Tunnel. During the 19th century it was used primarily for the railroad, but has been utilized for vehicular traffic since 1937. Now known as the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, it is a great way for residents to get to Long Island, and other places, for weekend activities. More families have established their homes in Murray Hill. Today, Murray Hill has become the primer neighborhood for people seeking a quiet, family-oriented and pet-friendly area in which to live.

The boundaries of Murray Hill begin north at 40th Street and extend south to 27th Street. The west border is Fifth Avenue and extends east to the East River. Apartments near Murray Hill are within walking distance of the popular business district. This allows you the luxury of a short walk to work. This is only one part of the attraction of Murray Hill. The apartments near Murray Hill are also popular attractions. The area is home to many beautiful vintage townhomes and brownstones as well as highrise condominiums and co-ops. The versatility of this neighborhood gives you the option to deal with the business of work and life as well as escape to a somewhat slower family pace. The location of the apartments near Murray Hill make them a place where you can quietly and safely raise your family, walk your pet, or just enjoy the relaxing ambience of the area.

With the recent increase of young families making their home in apartments near Murray Hill, a new elementary school was recently built to accommodate the growing educational needs of the neighborhood. Their established elementary school has received high accolades for excellence and the new school is sure to follow suit. There are also great day care programs available for preschool-aged children and a beautiful park where you and your child can play and explore. This pedestrian friendly neighborhood shuts down designated streets during most Saturdays in the month of August to allow bicycle riders to enjoy riding previously chosen routes that are free of motorized vehicular traffic. You can also utilize the street shut down to spend time outside with your pet without the worry of extra traffic hazards.

There are other points of interest that you will enjoy which can be found near Murray Hill. Places like the Morgan Library and MuseumThe Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, and the Scandinavian House: The Nordic Center in America let you experience different cultures and types of art and entertainment.

Murray Hill is a lovely, versatile neighborhood which is home to many young families as well as long-time residents. It is a family friendly and pet friendly place where you can enjoy the quiet of the outdoors. You can also take care of the business of life just steps from apartments near Murray Hill. Rich in culture and history, Murray Hill is an excellent neighborhood in which to reside.