Neighborhood Fitness: Barry's Bootcamp
Neighborhood Fitness: Barry's Bootcamp

Though Stuyvesant Town is pleased to offer Oval Fitness for our community, we understand if you would like some variety in your workouts. At Barry’s Bootcamp, a fitness center in the Chelsea neighborhood not far from Stuyvesant Town, every day of the week focuses on a different part of the body. Though the name sounds intimidating, the workouts at Barry’s Bootcamp—while fierce and fast—are not the stuff of 10-mile hikes with full field pack. 

About Those Days…

Monday at Barry’s focuses on arms and abdominal muscles. Tuesday the gluteus maximus (your butt) and legs get a full workout. Wednesday combines chest, back and legs. Thursday is “Hard CORE abs” day, and the three-day weekend routine is full body. 

Every exercise workout combines weights and cardiovascular time on treadmills, so each day keeps your heart healthy while toning and firming different muscle groups. The workouts are an hour roughly divided between the two exercise types. Every trainer teaches every class on every day slightly differently, but generally a workout session goes like this: 

  • Alternating treadmill runs with floor work (weights, resistance)—Most intervals are 10 minutes, but some segments are only five minutes while others can take up half an hour depending on the day and the trainer
  • High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—Intense, high-energy bursts on the treadmill or floor exercise, followed by less intense activity, followed by a cool-down

A Great Workout For Everyone

No fitness center would be in business very long if it only accepted members who were already in perfect shape. No, Barry’s Bootcamp welcomes every age (over 18, though parents can sign off on 16- and 17-year-old teens joining) and every shape.

Despite the name and the trainers’ predilection for pushing members to their personal best every time, you can go at your own pace. The treadmills that are roughly half of each workout session are, in fact, optional. Peer pressure being what it is, most people do run or fast-walk the treadmill, but you can choose “double floor” when you book your class, bypassing the treadmill trample (some members are very covetous of “their” treadmill). 

Treadmill? Treadmill!

Barry’s Bootcamp uses Woodway treadmills. Extremely quiet, comfortable and made to get you through your cardiovascular routine, Woodway treadmills allow for your sprints, inclines, and a little perverse setting called “Dynamic Mode,” where the treadmill is truly a 19th-century treadmill, using you, not electricity, as power. 

Dollars to Donuts

To work off those donut pounds, you have to pay for membership and classes at Barry’s Bootcamp. Current class prices are on a sliding scale. Here are some random samples: 

  • One class—$34
  • Three classes—$102
  • Ten classes—$320 (for a per-class rate of $32)
  • Fifty classes—$1,440 (per-class price down to $28.80)

Memberships at three pricing levels allow weekly or monthly access for up to eight classes a week ($175) or 40 classes a month ($500). Barry’s Bootcamp recommends starting with five sessions a week. 


Barry’s Bootcamp is located at 135 West 20th Street, five crosstown blocks (1.3 miles) west from Peter Cooper Village. Walking there can take you around Gramercy Park, giving you a lovely warm up and cool down before and after your class.