Neighborhood Fitness: Flybarre
Neighborhood Fitness: Flybarre

Close by to the Stuyvesant Town apartment community is Flybarre, a sister studio of Flywheel. Located in Flatiron at 39 West 21st Street between 5th and 5th Avenues, Flybarre offers several classes a day from early in the morning to late evening.

What is Barre?

A barre exercise class will provide you with an addicting full body workout. It incorporates fundamentals from ballet along with basics from yoga and Pilates. Classes start with a warm up to wake up your muscles and will continue standing at the ballet barre for the remainder of class. While using the barre to assist with balance, your instructor will lead you through a series of exercises stretch and strengthen your legs and backside. Classes can vary and can include the use of light weights, bands, exercise balls and/or yoga mats. There is such a variety of exercises and adaptations that can be added to the routine that you will never get bored attending a barre exercise class.

What You Need

You will need to be dresses in comfortbale workout clothes (shorts, leggings, t shirts, tank tops etc) that gives your body the freedom of movement. Make sure you are comfortable and ready to sweat. While some participants choose to wear barre socks which have a rubber grip tread on the bottom, you also have the option of just going barefoot. After attending a few classes, you can decide your preferred footwear for your own desires and needs.  In addition, a water bottle is encouraged, as proper hydration is key to a good workout. Flybarre provides complementary bottled water for all guests. There are also weights in 1,2,3, and 5 lbs increments outside the class. Many option for the 2lbs and 3lbs but 5lb weights are great if you want a more intense burn.

Personalized For You

There is no need to worry if you do not have any former dance experience. Class instructors help you follow along with the other class members at your own pace. Enjoy the barre class at your comfort level as you become familiar with the environment. This will help minimize the risk of injury while getting your feet wet trying out this amazing exercise class. So take your time and proceed at your comfort level before fully throwing yourself into the routine.

The Results

Barre class will make you feel the burn and will feel results after your first class. You will understand why people keep coming back again and again to experience this full body workout. Barre exercise classes can be so fun and engaging, that you forget you are working out. This is one of the best workouts you can get in a small class setting. You will not only enjoy the physical results. While you relax in class you can enjoy some of the great mental benefits. Balancing your body and getting a great workout leads to a balanced mind. 


There are many great Flybarre locations that you can check out besides the Flatiron location. New York has Flybarre studios in FlatironUpper West SideUpper East SideLincoln SquareTribecaChelseaEast 60thEast HamptonMillburn and Scarsdale. For more locations and class times you can look at their website