Neighborhood Fitness: Flywheel
Neighborhood Fitness: Flywheel

It is easy to keep your New Year's resolutions when you live in StuyTown. Stuyvesant Town residents are right by some of the city's best exercise studios. A few blocks west from Stuyvesant Town is the original flagship Flywheel studio, an indoor cycling experience like no other. At 31 West 21st Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, Flywheel offers classes day and night, and welcomes experienced riders as well as eager newcomers. 

What is Flywheel?

Stuyvesant Town residents hoping to tone up, shape up or slim down will find a great spot for indoor cycling at Flywheel. As Flywheel puts it, “every ride is a race to the top,” but the “top”is what you make it. You can compete against yourself or against friends and other class participants. 

Every class is 45 or 60 minutes, combining a steady diet of sprints, rhythm riding, and races to get you the results you want in a competitive environment. The races during the class are 30-, 45- or 60-second heats that help break up the time and give you a sense of personal triumph. 

Stadium Seating

Flywheel is unique among cycling centers for its stadium seating, in which every stationary bike in the house has a great view. You can see the instructor and the flat screen—Flywheel calls it a TorqBoard—easily, without straining to see around another rider. 

The Bikes

Flywheel’s bikes are state of the art, with integrated technology built in. The instructor motivates and guides you through the class, but the bike technology keeps you informed every second of your ride. 

The on-bike “tech packs” provide you a constant stream of data: 

  • Resistance (torque)
  • Rotations per minute (RPMs)
  • Total energy used

Statistics from every ride on every bike are stored so you can privately access your data and measure your own progress, or find out how you stack up compared to your fellow riders. 

The Data

You can download a smartphone app or log in at Flywheel’s website, so you can keep tabs on your improvements whether at home in Stuyvesant Town or on the go around town. 

Why Ride? 

Besides fueling fitness, Flywheel stands out for the sense of community it brings. As a resident of Stuyvesant Town you already feel like a member of a community within the greatest city on the planet. At Flywheel, you join another community of fitness and bike enthusiasts. You become friends with your competition in the classes, of course, but beyond that, Flywheel encourages competition through Power Up, its monthly program rewarding the most powerful riders in each region. 

The staff at Flywheel will welcome you every time with a warm, friendly smile and a helpful spirit. Whether just getting started in indoor cycling or an old pro at the ride, you will feel at one with the customized bike, the class, and Flywheel. 

Here to Help

Flywheel provides complimentary shoes, towels and lockers so you can ride in style and comfort. Flywheel believes in safe riding, too, with every staff member trained in CPR. If you worry you are out of shape, that is not a problem—Flywheel’s staff can help you get in shape, fast, and ride your way to the top. Classes accommodate all folks, including expectant moms, at just about any time of the day, from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 at night. 

Flywheel and the Flatiron District

Flywheel nestles within the Flatiron area of New York, a district buzzing with restaurants, shops and nightclubs. You can enjoy an after-ride drink at some of the lounges and hot spots, or simply burn a few more calories with some intense shopping.