Neighborhood Fitness: Shadowbox NYC
Neighborhood Fitness: Shadowbox NYC

There are numerous options for residents of our Stuyvesant Town community in regards to keeping physically fit. It's not too difficult to find a gym within the neighborhood and residents are not far from Central Park if they want to go for a long run. However, if you want to attend a studio where working out is an exciting part of your day and not just part of a routine, then you should drop in at Shadowbox NYC, located on West 20th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue in the Flatiron district.

What is Shadowbox NYC?

Shadowboxing is a technique that professional boxers use in order prepare themselves physically as well as mentally for upcoming boxing matches. They also use shadowboxing to find their rhythm while perfecting both boxing techniques and styles. Shadowbox NYC teaches the movement of shadowboxing and combines it with modern day training methods to create a foundation for their group class fitness experience. You will experience a full-body workout through the practice of high-intensity rounds of shadowboxing that are incorporated with body weight exercises and heavy bag work in an intense and exciting 45-minute workout.

The studio of Shadowbox NYC is unlike any conventional boxing gym. The workout space has been designed to create an inviting atmosphere using durable materials and finishes along with dimmed lighting and music that will help set the mood and intensity level. Special attention was focused on designing a floor that would absorb impact so that it is forgiving on the knees. The studio also boasts 40 individually numbered heavy bags that were all custom built specifically for Shadowbox. Each bag has easy access to a towel and water bottle leash. Last but not least, a locker room designed to be spa-like provides users with full-service amenities along with complimentary toiletries. 

Shadowbox NYC Classes

Shadowbox NYC provides classes in the morning, afternoon and in the evening on every day of the week. Most classes are 45 minutes long, although there are a few class options, such as Shadowbox TKO and Shadowbox After Dark that are 60 minutes long. You will want to sign up online in order to get into one of the classes. Many of them fill up early and contain wait lists. Once you sign up, you can choose what bag you want to use from a layout depicting the gym. You can purchase one class at a time or you can buy a package in order to save money. The following are some of the packages available:

  • 1 class - $34 each
  • 3-class pack - $99
  • 6-class pack - $192
  • 10-class pack - $310
  • 20-class pack - $580
  • 40-class pack - $1,080

There's also an option to work one-on-one in the ring for 60 minutes with one of their instructors. Single classes for private ring training are $150 each. A 6-class pack is $870 and a 10-class pack is $1,400.

Shadowbox NYC Instructors

There are currently seven professional trainers that are providing classes, all of whom come from various disciplines. The roster includes Raymond Montalvo, a trainer who hails from Puerto Rico, where boxing is one of its most loved sports. He has won numerous amateur titles in a number of different weight classes since he began boxing at the age of seven and even participated in the Olympics. He is known for his high boxing IQ, which means he brings both creativity and ingenuity to his classes as a trainer and team leader.

If you're looking for a high energy and exciting workout, sign up at Shadowbox NYC today. For more information about the area, be sure to visit us at our Stuyvesant Town community