Neighborhood Fitness: Soulcycle
Neighborhood Fitness: Soulcycle

If you are looking for a new way to workout during the cold winter months in New York City, there are many options out there. One of the always popular options is SOULCYCLE. SoulCycle is indoor cycling with their own special spiritual spin on it, no pun intended.

SoulCycle has created a 45-minute workout that works the whole body. The thing that makes it different from other cycling classes is the fact that SoulCycle has added in strength and core work through using hand weights and unique choreography.

Not only will you be riding a bike you will be sprinting, dancing and working your stomach muscles. The SoulCycle studios are more personalized than other studios and include candlelit rooms, incredibly moden facilities,  and different music depending on which instructor you have. The workouts are designed to help you get your heart rate up and clear your head from the daily stresses of life.

There are two different class options available at the two studios on E 18th Street and W 19th Street.  These classes include SoulCycle and Soul Survivor. SoulCycle is a 45-minute workout while Soul Survivor adds an extra 15 minutes and a little more challenge. Class packages are purchased online and you can purchase anywhere from a single first-time ride to a package of 20 classes. Once you have signed up for classes the SoulCycle website lets you reserve a bike at any class in the area.

It can often be daunting to turn up to a new fitness center or class, and that is why the team at SoulCycle provides a fundamentals class where you can learn how to use the bikes. SoulCycle suggests these classes for riders that have attended between 0-5 classes, offering the chance for personal instruction so that you can be ready to jump on a bike and ride at your first full SoulCycle or Soul Survivor class.

There are two locations located close to Stuyvesant Town. The Union Square location can be found at 12 E 18th Street and the 19th Street location can be found at 8 West 19th Street. Both locations offer the same classes and instructors.

If you are looking for a way to stay warm and get fit this winter in  New York City, check out the SoulCycle website to find out more information about their classes and to see their full range of fitness wear. 

Check out Stuyvesant Town, convienently located near both of Flatiron's SoulCycle studios. Call Stuyvesant Town today for more information on our no fee apartments.