Neighborhood Fitness: Swerve Fitness
Neighborhood Fitness: Swerve Fitness

There is no doubt that staying fit can be a challenge, especially with a busy professional and personal life. Sometimes what you need to increase motivation and keep up with your workout routine is a new, fun and exciting activity. This is right where SWERVE Fitness fits into your busy lifestyle.  Located just a few minutes away by subway, SWERVE's unique brand of "Team Inspired Indoor Cycling" gives you the opportunity to increase your fitness in a high energy and exciting environment.  

What is SWERVE?

Founded by three former college athletes turned finance professionals, SWERVE's goal is to use the same techniques that make team sports so motivating and enjoyable to participate in, and use them to increase everyone's access to improvements in fitness. Their trainers are young, fun, dedicated fitness professionals who lead each class with personal style and flash, increasing the chances that you will want to return again and again. 

In each class session the groups are divided into teams that compete against each other. Your performance and contribution are recorded and delivered to your inbox at the end of each session, making sure that you have the ability to track your improvements and achievements. Training in this environment with a shared purpose and personal accountability contributes to a positive social experience, while also helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

What are the Classes Like?

Each class consists of up to 48 riders, and private spinning classes are also available for booking. The session's instructor builds a personalized playlist for each session, and matches the rhythm of each track to the revolutions per minute(RPM) that he or she wants you to pedal along to for each portion of the class. During each session you will have constant access to statistics such as RPM and load, along with periodic updates of your team and personal performances. The class is a full body workout, including light free weight training to keep your upper body as fit on the cycle as your lower body.

Facilities and Pricing

Lockers are available in the lobby for storing your personal belongings, but there is also a full locker room so that you can refresh or shower before and after your session. There is no need to bring your own lock or riding shoes along, as both are provided for you. There is also a smoothie bar with flavors to please any palate, and to help you refuel after your workout. 

Classes are available individually or in packages to fit your schedule and availability, ranging from four sessions per month and up. Special options are available for beginners, either as a buy one get one free package or with a full month's unlimited riding. Swerve is located at 30 W 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

If you are looking for a way to stay fit in a happy, supportive and positive environment that is different from most workout experiences, give SWERVE Fitness a try. It is right in the neighborhood, so now there are no excuses, and you will be feeling on track with your fitness goals again. Swerve is conviently located nearby Stuyvesant Town in the Flatiron district.