Volunteering in NYC

Volunteering is a very rewarding activity. When you volunteer, you may feel fulfilled knowing that other people are able to positively benefit from your time and efforts. Working in your community as a volunteer is a valuable experience that allows you to connect with your neighbors.  Volunteering in the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town (StuyTown) community will give you the opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships with people. There are many volunteering opportunities near the StuyTown area. The following list will give you a start finding volunteering NYC:

  • Habitat for Humanity New York City: The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to build affordable houses for residents of New York City. There are approximately 5000 people who volunteer with this organization each year. This organization’s first project was in 1984. Since that time, with the valuable help of volunteers, they have built over 300 homes.
  • NYCParks Green Thumb: Community gardening is the focus of this organization. Community residents come together to help with the upkeep of these gardens which are important assets for the area in which they are planted. They are aesthetically pleasing, provide a better quality of air for the surrounding areas and provide vital resources for the community.
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Association: The goal of this organization is to create a cure for pulmonary hypertension and to support people who are dealing with this condition. They also increase the awareness of pulmonary hypertension in an effort to prevent the condition altogether. Volunteer opportunities include administrative support, fundraising, customer service and food service.
  • StreetWise Partners: You can become involved in enriching the lives of people who are in need of assistance in the areas of employment and finance.  This organization provides networking, mentoring and career services to members of the community in which they work.
  • AHRC New York City: If you are interested in helping people who are dealing with developmental and intellectual disabilities, this organization is perfect for you. They work to enrich the lives of approximately 15,000 people in the surrounding community. The organization also offers support to family members of people with developmental/intellectual disabilities.
  • New York City Department for the Aging: This department is responsible for taking care of the needs of senior citizens who live in the surrounding area. They began their volunteer services in 2014. There are many available volunteer opportunities. They include, but are not limited to: administrative support, customer service, community outreach and elder care.

Volunteering NYC is important for the community. When you volunteer you can strengthen the ties between you and your neighboring citizens. You will also affect your community in a positive way. The previously listed opportunities are just a few for which you can volunteer near StuyTown. When you commit to volunteering NYC, you help to uphold the community togetherness. Contact the offices of StuyTown to find out more about becoming a resident of a community that values support and caring through volunteerism.