NYC Summer Day Camps For Kids
NYC Summer Day Camps For Kids

It is no secret that New York City is packed with activities for visitors of all ages, hence the tens of millions of tourists that pack the city's streets every year. There is also no shortage of media coverage regarding the myriad restaurants, bars, nightclubs, events and other activities for Manhattan's growing number of young adults. However, sometimes it seems like family activities, and activities exclusively for kids, do not get nearly as much attention. However, when summer rolls around and city schools close for the season, there is a vast choice of NYC summer day camps for kids for local families to choose from.

Chef Toni's Cooking Adventures

Cooking is a valuable skill for anyone to learn, but this Upper West Side institution goes far beyond teaching the basics – although those are covered as well. Manhattan families love Chef Toni's Cooking Adventures for the impartation of everything from kitchen fundamentals to mastering delicious dishes from throughout the globe – from sushi to cupcakes to Mexican feasts. Practical cooking and shopping skills are included, and children from ages 4 through 13 are welcome.

ConstructionKids Camps

This hands-on activity-filled day camp for children aged 4 through 8 is located in the Brooklyn Naval Yard – a short trip from downtown Manhattan. The projects teach kids an extensive range of lessons about design, building and handiness in general in ways that are both fun and quite literally constructive. Like many NYC summer day camps for kids ConstructionKids also offers birthday parties, as well as a one week winter session.

Park Slope Day Camp

Park Slope Day Camp has become so popular since its founding in 1992 that there are now multiple locations throughout New York's most populous borough. However, the most convenient location to Manhattan is actually in Park Slope. This well-liked accepts campers ranging from preschool through middle school ages, with a widespread choice of activities for all ages and interests. Activities include traditional summer camp happenings such as crafts and swimming to more unique endeavors like improv classes and overnight journeys to Hershey Park.

American Museum of Natural History: Adventures in Science

The American Museum of Natural History has seen a recent popularity renaissance with the success of the "Night at the Museum" movies in recent years. However, the Central Park West science museum has been a Manhattan institution since its opening in 1877, and the Adventures in Science day camp is a way for New York City kids aged 5 through 13 to experience the fascinating exhibits from the past and present of the AMNH. There are thoroughly intensive yet thoroughly education and entertaining examinations of the museum's exhibits, including its unparalleled collection of dinosaur fossils and famed Hayden Planetarium.

For families in StuyTown, Peter Cooper Village and throughout the city these are some of the most popular and highly regarded NYC summer day camps for kids, and among the best things to do for kids during warm yet activity-filled New York summer months.