Restaurant Spotlight: Obica
Restaurant Spotlight: Obica

If you're in the mood for Italian cuisine, then you won't have much trouble finding an authentic spot nearby our Stuyvesant Town apartment complex. However, if you want something a little bit more unique in the way of Italian, but that still very much embraces the tradition of Italian cuisine, then you should check out Obica, which is a mozzarella bar that has locations all around the world. Located in the Flatiron district, Obica can be found between 21st Street and 22nd Street on Broadway, a mere mile from our apartment community.

About Obica

There are several Obica Mozzarella Bars located throughout the world, the first of which was opened in 2004. The concept of the restaurant is based on using traditional Italian recipes along with the best Mozzarellas di Bufala Campana, all of which is served in a manner inspired by sushi bars. This is done so that you can watch as the meals are prepared for you using the freshest ingredients available. In fact, the entire restaurant is designed around the sushi bar theme.

Obica has a minimal yet elegant design, with no unnecessary ornamentation distracting customers from the food being made. Overall, the restaurant has a very casual and relaxing ambiance. Labics, a Roman design studio, designed every Obica restaurant, including both New York locations. The Flatiron location boasts a rich palette of natural materials that include the use of glass, iron, textile panels and wood blocks. 

The Food at Obica

Obica only uses the freshest ingredients sourced locally, which means that their menu is always changing. But even though their menu changes regularly, they keep the same principles in mind. These principles are to only serve fresh and authentic Italian products, to ensure that their meals are presented stylishly and to encourage customers to trty traditional Italian foods of exceptional quality that they may have never encountered before.

  • The Mozzarella - Considering the fact that Obica is a mozzarella bar, it should come as no surprise that the majority of their products makes use of mozzarella. Obica uses Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, which is the absolute best quality of mozzarella available. It is produced using the milk of a water buffalo, which is both creamy and nutritious. The only place in the world where they produce it is in the Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) of Campania, which is in located in Southern Italy.

  • The Pizza - When you think of mozzarella, there is a pretty good chance that you think of pizza as well. Since Obica uses the best mozzarella that money can buy, it's only natural to assume that their pizza must be pretty good as well. But they don't just stop with the cheese - Obica takes its pizza very seriously. Their pizza dough is made using only Petra flour, which is made using the best stone-ground soft grains available. They get this flour from Molino Quaglia - a family-run mill found in the province of Padua. This results in the crust having a unique and incredible flavor and texture. Obica lets its pizza dough to rise for at least two days before cooking it on refractory stone, which allows heat to distribute evenly, thereby resulting in a crispy, light crust.

If you want to have a unique but authentic taste of Italy, then you can't go wrong with Obica. Obica not only takes great care in presenting its traditional Italian dishes, all made using fresh and local ingredients, but they also provide a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy them in. Contact us at our Stuyvesant Town community for more information about the Flatiron area.