Stuy Town Restaurant Spotlight: Petite Abeille
Stuy Town Restaurant Spotlight: Petite Abeille

One of the many eateries that Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town residents can access by doing little more than stepping out their building’s front door is Petite Abeille. Petite Abeille is one of PCVST’s on property restaurants which both residents and nonresidents of the community can enjoy. The menu at Petite Abeille is Belgian cuisine while still offering a diverse, distinct menu.

Delicious Belgian Waffles

What defines any eatery is the menu and the quality of its food. Petite Abeille provides coffee, casualness and extensive breakfast options, but the menu far transcends the average diner in both food and drink. Most NYC diners offer some version of a Belgian waffle, but being a Belgian bistro this spot presents a list of authentic, freshly prepared waffle dishes from basics like the Waffle Chantilly, which includes whipped cream and strawberry sauce, to the decadent ice cream and chocolate sauce of the Waffle Dame Blanche to the blend of Belgian legitimacy and American cookie iconography of the Waffle Oreo. The waffles are fresh, crispy and light and the toppings are topnotch.

For those in the mood for a savory waffle dish, Petite Abeille offers up a version of chicken and waffles served with a Belgian stoemp side dish or a generous portion of fries. The dinner menu is sophisticated all-around with items like Vol au Vent chicken stew, Steak au Poivre made with New York Strip Steak and Ginger Salmon Tartar. Petite Abeille devotees will tell you the real highlight is the mussels, served with a choice of Belgian sauces.

Burgers, Beer and Brunch

The 9-ounce burgers are served with or without a selection of cheeses or bacon and are available during lunch and dinner. For brunch choose from a selection of filling sandwiches. The lengthy selection of both bottle and draft craft beers is another area where Petite Abeille really stands out, it also has an impressive wine menu. There are regular specials on both beer and wine each week.


Petite Abeille is just one of the fantastic facets of living at Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town The community often has a variety of no fee rentals in NYC available. For those interested in learning more about PCVST’s community call (877) 774-1855 today.