Elementary Schools Near StuyTown
Elementary Schools Near StuyTown

StuyTown offers residents a very unique and pleasant living experience. As a resident you are part of a very special community that is both spacious and beautiful. It is also centrally located within New York City. It is a wonderful place for you and your family. The apartments are spacious and the community amenities are plentiful. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants in the area.

One reason to venture outside the community is to bring your children to one of the nearby elementary schools. The elementary schools near StuyTown have much to offer students to prepare them for their future endeavors.

  • Public School 19 (PS19) Asher Levy: This school offers curriculum for grades Pre-kindergarten to 5th. The principal and teachers are committed to creating a pleasant and successful learning environment among the diverse groups of children. The school officials work hard to enhance your child’s educational gifts in order to properly prepare them to compete in this global society.
  • Public School 34 (PS34) Franklin D. Roosevelt: Offers curriculum for grades Pre-kindergarten to 8th. The parents and teachers work together to create a healthy environment in which children can thrive. Once your child completes their education at PS34 they will be well prepared for their next level of education.
  • The East Village Community School: This exemplary school educates children from Pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. School officials are devoted to encouraging students to showcase their excellent educational and social talents. Your child will spend valuable class time learning the skills that will project them to the next level. They also spend time in their own social environment during extracurricular activities. This is one of the elementary schools in the area that has inspired greatness among their student body.
  • Earth School: Grades Pre-kindergarten through 5th enjoy learning at this school. This school has a warm environment that supports and develops your child’s natural curiosity toward learning. The teachers are experienced in recognizing your child’s abilities and implementing educational techniques which are best suited for your child’s educational needs.
  • Neighborhood School: This is one of the elementary schools near PCVST that really challenges your child to be the best student academically, and in extracurricular activities. You will be impressed with the attentive teachers and staff who will mold your child into an educated powerhouse.

These are just a few of the magnificent elementary schools near StuyTown. The schools in the surrounding community have produced many successful students who have continued far beyond the norm in their educational endeavors. Contact the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town offices at 877-225-8920 to find out more about becoming a resident of a wonderfully pleasant community that supports excellence.