Apartment Renovations

Please be advised that apartment renovations will take place in several buildings/units (listed below) beginning April 3rd. Renovations are expected to take approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Given the nature of the renovation process, an additional two week period may be required to complete renovation work. During the hours of 9 AM – 5 PM, residents in those buildings may experience periodic noise, vibration and contractor traffic within the building. Management and its contractors will make every effort to minimize inconvenience to residents. Should you have any questions in connection with the renovation work in your building, please contact: Renovations Resident Liaison, during normal business hours, at (212) 598-5287 or via email: Renovations@pcvst.com

Additionally, please note that as a result of apartment renovations, there will be an interruption of water service in specific lines in each building (detailed below) on Wednesday, April 3rd from 9:30am until 2:00pm.

The following details should be considered:
-    As a reminder, please be sure to keep all faucets in the off position until water is restored.
-    We ask that you prepare accordingly for the interruption in water service.

In advance, we appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this matter.


Renovation Area

Lines Affected for Water Shut
Down on 4/3 (On All Floors)

450 East 20th Street 6th Floor Unit A, B
510 East 20th Street M Floor Unit A, G, H
610 East 20th Street 11th Floor Unit C, D, E
515 East 14th Street M and 5th Floor Units A, C, D, E, G, H
655 East 14th Street 6th Floor Unit G, H
5 Stuyvesant Oval M Floor Unit B, C, D
9 Stuyvesant Oval 1st Floor Unit A, B, C
281 Avenue C 4th Floor Unit C, D
3 Peter Cooper Road 2nd Floor Unit F, G, H
5 Peter Cooper Road 12th Floor Unit B, C, D