Peter Cooper VIllage - Stuyvesant Town Receives ENERGY STAR Certification!
Peter Cooper VIllage - Stuyvesant Town Receives ENERGY STAR Certification!

Peter Cooper Village - Stuyvesant Town is a sprawling multifamily community in Downtown Manhattan. Covering over 80 acres of landscaped grounds and spanning nine blocks north to south and three avenues east to west, "StuyTown", formerly known as PCVST, is Manhattan's largest rental community. The community opened in 1947 for returning WWII veterans and today is home to more than 30,000 people in 11,250 apartments. The property has seen enhancements to both the look and the operations over the past three years. One of the most notable improvements has been a company- and property-wide commitment to energy efficiency. When managing a community the size of a small city, keeping energy consumption down is a serious initiative with far-reaching impact. By improving StuyTown's overall energy efficiency, we have been able to reduce operating costs and continue to improve property grounds and infrastructure.

Since taking over in 2011, every aspect of property management and operations have been thoroughly examined and inefficiencies identified. Notable changes have included energy efficient lighting in every hallway of every building and compact fluorescent lights in individual units. The property is also studying the viability of LED fixtures in newly renovated units and common spaces. All apartments are uniformly outfitted with ENERGY STAR appliances plus ENERGY STAR washers in all laundry rooms. An often overlooked aspect of keeping a building energy efficient are the windows. All windows on property are kept in excellent condition allowing for units to effectively contain heat in the winter and conditioned air in the summer using insulated glass panels which were globally replaced just prior to 2000. Taking it a step further, air conditioning units have specially-made window panels to ensure an air-tight seal and are always installed by internal maintenance staff to ensure proper outfitting. To tie it all together, StuyTown also has a state of the art Building Management System (BMS), allowing us to constantly monitor the performance of heating, hot water, and ventilation systems. With constant tracking and maintenance, our engineers are able to keep the various infrastructure systems running at optimal levels.

What may be even more important than technological improvements are resident-education initiatives. During summer months when temperatures reach 90 degrees, residents are asked via lobby signs and email that they be mindful of their energy usage. We ask all residents to only run air conditioners when they are home and to keep ac units on the energy saver mode when turned on. Even though all utilities are included in the rent, StuyTown residents have worked with management to reduce their energy usage and be cognizant of the impact that their behavior has on the community and the city at large. With 110 buildings and 11,250 apartments, even small changes in personal behavior are magnified and make a big difference.

For Peter Cooper Village - Stuyvesant Town, there are many benefits to being an energy-efficient community. Beyond cost-savings, the intangible benefit of being an industry leader and doing our part to help the environment goes much farther . Although residents do not pay for their individual energy usage, management has received kudos from many for using ENERGY STAR appliances and energy efficient lighting. In this era of environmental consciousness, any initiative which appeals to our resident's core values is a win-win proposition. In the bigger picture, we believe it's important for businesses to play a leading role in environmentalism. Peter Cooper Village - Stuyvesant Town was built with the betterment of American society in mind and we are very proud to carry that tradition forward into the 21st Century.

Receiving ENERGY STAR certification is a great honor and a confirmation that our efforts have been successful. We are extremely proud to be one of the first multifamily communities in the country and the very first in New York City to receive this distinction. The importance of being an ENERGY STAR-certified property helps us communicate our values to the community and the city at large. StuyTown looks forward to many more years as an ENERGY STAR property and the recognition that comes with it.