How to Get Packages Delivered Fastest
How to Get Packages Delivered Fastest

Oval Concierge, which provides extensive package receiving and delivery services, shares several useful tips about package delivery -

-If you have a time-sensitive or valuable item, ship via UPS or FedEx, as you can track your packages and request a signature on delivery with either courier;
-UPS and FedEx also provide next-day shipping services;

-Be sure to drop off time-sensitive packages at Oval Concierge prior to UPS and FedEx pick-up time, which is at approximately 5PM every evening;

- Keep in mind that UPS and FedEx do not ship to PO Boxes;

- The most cost effective approach to shipping is to use the smallest packaging possible and to ship with ample time to avoid express shipping fees. (Oval Concierge offers a wide range of packing services and materials);

You can also take advantage of the special August package-receiving promotion where you sign up for a three-month commitment, and get the third month free! Oval Concierge will receive packages on your behalf and notify you via email when the package is received. To learn more, call Oval Concierge at 212-375-8110 or visit 276 1st Avenue (on the 1st Ave Loop), Monday through Saturday, 8am to 8pm.