Long Weekend Getaways

If you're looking for a quick getaway close to New York, there's many options close to home. A long train ride or a short drive can lead you to a dream vacation. The following locations are relaxing and enjoyable destinations that offer a variety of options. 


Camelback Resort - This fun and relaxing resort located in the world renowned Poconos Mountains, is a scenic getaway that couples and the whole family can enjoy. The serenity spa provides luxurious massages and a peaceful environment. The indoor waterpark is carefully heated to maintain an average temperature of 84 degrees, giving a tropical feel to all who visit. For those who bring children and young adults to the resort, there is the Arcadia game center with over 100 video games and fun activities throughout. 

The Lodge at Camden Hills - This cozy and relaxing lodge is located steps away from the breathtaking views in Camden, Maine. The lodge is surrounded by acres of trees and grass with an outdoor sitting area. If you're visiting in February the lodge hosts a winter festival. The lodge is also a host for the U.S National Toboggan Championships held at the beginning of February. For those who visit during the Christmas season, there are carriage rides, special events and a tree-lighting ceremony. 

Philadelphia - This great American city makes a location filled with history, tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants. The city's attractions are great for a February or June getaway, Among its top attractions are the Liberty Bell. This historic bell has been preserved by the city to maintain its splendor. Independence Hall, and the historic district highlight Philly's role in the history of the United States. Philadelphia has a large selection of luxurious hotels with a variety of amenities and price points. There's also delicious cuisine including the famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich. 

Niagara Falls - This breathtaking waterfalls and the Canadian and US cities surrounding them makes a serene getaway with activities for those who want a calm relaxation or a city with tourist attractions, rides, museums and movie showings highlighting the beauty and enjoyment of Niagara Falls. Hotel offerings in the area are generous. The restaurant offerings give travelers from around the world mouth watering options for dining tastes of all types. Full-scale tall luxury hotels facing the falls and other landmarks and historic architecture make Niagara Falls a place you'll want to come back to. You have the unique option of experiencing the falls from the United States or Canada. Both countries offer similar lodging offers but tourist attractions and entertainment varies by location and change with the summer and winter seasons. 

This list of weekend getaways is just a sampling of whats available close to the New York area. Visit your local travel agent or use travel websites and apps to find the full selections of weekend vacation options. 

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