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New Management Office Update

We are happy to report that work on the new Management Office continues to progress steadily. We are currently working to complete the new front desk and resident reception area, and expect this portion to be completed within the next few weeks. We are also pleased to report that the general excavation work is complete. The foundation has been laid and work is about to begin on the lower level of the building.

Repairs are also ongoing in the surrounding First Avenue Loop where we are upgrading some underground infrastructure. That work is progressing on schedule. The work on the 16th Street side of the loop was completed this week. Work will begin on the 18th Street side next Monday.

The overall project remains on schedule and we expect the work to be complete and the management office operational in August. Unfortunately, the excavation process took longer than expected and, as a result, we will not be able to re-open Playground 8 until the end of July. We apologize for this delay. When playground 8 re-opens it will have a brand new water feature, new equipment, and a resurfaced ground for our kids to enjoy. In the meantime, kids can use one of the 4 other playgrounds and many outdoor spaces throughout the property. You may have also noticed that we've added brand new water features this year in playgrounds PCV 2 (already completed, with an interactive spray gun!) and ST 2 (to be finished around the end of May). If you have questions or comments about the project, please contact us at or (212) 253-3653. We encourage residents to share their feedback and we are happy to provide answers to your specific questions about the project. We appreciate that this work is disruptive for some and are grateful for your patience. We can't wait for you to see the finished project and are confident that our entire community will benefit from the New Management Office.