Reducing Noise Levels in Your Apartment
Reducing Noise Levels in Your Apartment

As a member of the PCVST community we ask that you be mindful of your living environment and the impact your day-to-day conduct has on your neighbors and our residential community. Since your home is part of a multiple dwelling community and noise travels easily from apartment to apartment, it is expected that you will do everything possible to diminish the transmission of sound and noise. Here are some noise dampening suggestions:


  • Carpet your apartment in accordance with the terms of your Lease. Your lease requires that rugs or carpeting must cover 80% of all floors at all times. Floor covering is not required in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Listen to movies and music at an acceptable level. Use headphones for late-night listening
  • Talk, entertain guests, play video games, or participate in other activities in ways that do not infringe on your neighbors’ right to quietly enjoy and utilize their apartment
  • Place all home entertainment equipment off the floor and away from attached or shared walls
  • Place thick padding under exercise equipment
  • Refrain from walking around in hard or high heel shoes
  • Be mindful and considerate of neighbors during traditionally quiet hours (late night and early morning)

Questions should be directed to the PCVST Carpet Inspections Group at (212) 253-3676. Report noise complaints to Public Safety at (212) 598-5233. Founded complaints are addressed by Management through an aggressive notification and response process.