Take a Day Trip To Brooklyn
Take a Day Trip To Brooklyn

StuyTown is only one subway stop from the pleasant area of Brooklyn known as Willamsburg. You won’t find the droves of tourist traffic in the area, but you will find some delightful places to visit with family. Check out this top five post and make your own fun adventure.

One stop on the L train brings you right into Williamsburg. Let us know about any other treasures you find along the way so we can share those too!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Get your canoe on in the area's industrial, toxic waters with Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club. This group offers education and canoeing tours while using funds to support environmental efforts. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find beauty mixed in with the sites of the industrial area that are the cause of the toxicity in the water. Sebago Canoe Club is a nonprofit also offers canoe tours, kayaking, sailing, and rowing. Check out the other fun things members host through the official website or by calling 718-241-3683 for tour dates and times.

To Eat or Not To Eat
Get your fill of cocktails and oysters in the back or fresh seasonal options in the front cafe at Marlow & Sons. The thriving local hot spot is located from Subway L at Berry and Broadway. If you're looking for something hefty, Peter Luger serves up 44 ounce steaks. Call to make reservations at 718-387-7400 for lunch for two and share that famous NY prime beef with a full serving of apple strudel as dessert. Locate the steak house off Subway: J, M, Z.

Looking for something a little more laid back? Pizza served from a wood-burning brick oven may sound casual, but Graziella’s is serious about serving spectacular food. As a bonus, you can dine on their rooftop and appreciate your meal with a gorgeous overlook.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Journey into the masterfully planned Botanic Gardens of Brooklyn. The Visitors Center hosts nearly 50,000 potted plants and is a pleasant start in your exploration. Make it during the spectacular spring season and you'll get to experience the exotic and delightful visions of the budding Cherry Blossoms trees. Or, you may want to take part of the infamous Sakura Matsuri if you enjoy a throng of spectators. There are still plenty of beautiful smaller gardens to visit any time of the year. When your ready to head indoors, skip over to the nearby museum.

A Night at the Museum
After a tour of the beautiful Jamaica Bay, a scenic stroll in the nearby Botanic Gardens, and enough of Graziella’s shrimp and crap ravioli with a stuffed pork chop, close out the day with a trip to the Brooklyn Museum. Make it a family affair and wear French beret’s with scarves for fun and flair. Play a game of I Spy through the huge space or bring some books to catch up on reading in the upstairs seating. Usually a quiet place, you’ll want to arrive early if you happen to be visiting the first Saturday of the month. Their shows will pack out even this large building.

Whether you’re new to the area, or looking for a great place to call home, StuyTown is where you get "to live in a park - to live in the country in the heart of New York". Call (877) 774-1849 or visit the StuyTown official website to establish your new home, today!