Take a Day Trip to Rockaway Beach
Take a Day Trip to Rockaway Beach

There are a limited number of weekends left this summer. Make sure you take the time to enjoy them by making a day trip to Rockaway Beach. 

Rockaway Beach is located in Queens. It is actually a skinny peninsula that runs right along the edge of Queens. You can get there easily from Williamsburg or Downtown Brooklyn by taking the NYC Beach Bus. Or, you can take the A train to Broad Chanel where you will move to a shuttle that will take you right where you need to be. 

Families with children can have a lot of fun spending the day exploring the beautiful beaches. There is so much fun to be had playing in the sand. Or you can swim and play in the water for hours. Just be aware if you are with young children that there can be a strong undertow. Plan accordingly and don't let your small children go out far into the water unattended. There is plenty of fun to be had if you are safe about it. 

Photographers can find some really great opportunities on Rockaway Beach. You may remember Hurricane Sandy that hit back in 2012. There are many areas that still show the damage of that storm. While the tragedy of the storm shouldn't really be celebrated, there are many areas that allow for some breathtaking photos to be taken. 

Surfers especially love Rockaway Beach. It's the only beach where you can legally surf in New York. So if you are interested in learning to surf or if you have been surfing for years, then this is the beach you need to go to. 

Adults without children can also really enjoy themselves during a day trip at this beach. You can rent paddle boards and take part in classes to learn how to use them. Or you can just take them out by yourself if you feel confident. There are a few rental spots that also offer jet skis and kayaks. After a day spent playing in the water or on the beach you can make your way to one of the many great restaurants and bars along the beach. 

Two of the bars you could visit are called Connolley's and Healy's. Both spots have good food and cold beverages, but both of them are also known to have yummy frozen treats. It's a great way to cool off after playing all day in the sun. Healy's especially is known for their creamsicles. If you are interested in more food options then go find the Low Tide Bar. They have more vendors and more options for you to consider. 

So no matter what category you find yourself in you can really enjoy yourself at Rockaway Beach. So plan your trip today and enjoy what is left of summer.