Back To School With Oval Study
Back To School With Oval Study

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The coming of fall means many things for children and adults alike it means a return to school. It does not matter if it is your children or you yourself getting ready for continuing education with the new school year comes lots of hard work. One of the most basic needs of a good education is a quiet area to study and access to research information and materials. However, with the busy life of the city these can be difficult to come by. Here at The Oval Study Lounge we are here to help our residents with their education needs. What follows is a brief explanation of our amenities and why you’ll enjoy the services we offer.  

Back to School With Oval Study: Amenities

When you take advantage of the Back to School with Oval Study you have several amenities to assist in studying and the furthering of your educational goals. First and foremost where you study and do your work is important. Distractions and noise decrease the ability to learn and retain new information. The Oval Study Lounge is located in the PCVST Oval a quiet and serene area with a view of the park. This quiet area is situated away from the noise of daily city life and is an ideal place to do educational work. Second, the modern world is reliant on the Internet for information and education is no different. The Oval Study Lounge has convenient Internet kiosks for your use and free WiFi if you want to make use of your personal laptop or tablet. Third, for group assignments you’ll likely want a private area to do your work. The Oval Study Lounge offers conference rooms giving you the space you need. Lastly, along with Internet options The Oval Study Lounge has access to hundreds of magazines, books, and newspapers if you prefer doing research with a print medium.      

Back to School With Oval Study: Why Use Our Services

The services we offer not only provide you with comfort they are also highly beneficial to your education. As noted above environment, modern technology, and access to research materials are key to a good education. With Back to School with Oval Study you gain access to all of this at your convenience. The Oval Study Lounge is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to10:00 pm and on weekends from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm allowing you to make use of your membership when the time is best for you.   


As you can see Back to School with Oval Study means you will have access to the location and materials you need to improve your education. Membership starts at $30 per month for one membership with group rates available for other residents or family members living in your apartment. Start the new school year right by having access to the Oval Study Lounge and the environment you need to do your very best. Contact us today at 212-375-8110 or for more information about our services.