The L Train: Dekalb

The Dekalb stop off the L Train subway line is located in Bushwick. Bushwick is only a few stops from East Williamsburg to the West and the Ridgewood, Queens area to the East. If you have ever visited the Dekalb area of Brooklyn, then you might notice how much the neighborhood has changed over the past few years. Even a decade ago, Bushwick was not considered safe or trendy, yet these days it's becoming a more desirable neighborhood to visit and live in. There are many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that can be found within just a few miles of the Dekalb stop.

The following are some of the establishments worth visiting around the Dekalb stop on the L Train.

Shops off the Dekalb Stop

When it comes to shopping, Dekalb is well known for is its clothing and consignment shops. Uncover some incredible pieces of clothing and accessories at shops like Worship, Chesterfield, Chess and the Sphinx, and L Train Vintage. To pick up a book visit nearby used bookstores, Human Relations, and Molasses Books, which also double as small coffee shops and bars.

Restaurants off the Dekalb Spot

There is no shortage of restaurants off the Dekalb stop, and the variety is almost overwhelming. If you're in the mood for Mexican food, try Mesa Azteca or Amaranto Mexican Restaurant, both of which are local favorites. If you want a drink with your meal, then check out Heavy Woods and Montana's Trail House, both of which are popular bars with fantastic menu options (Heavy Woods has a Cajun/Creole menu well worth exploring).

If you desire a more upscale dinner with a significant someone, than look no further than Faro, an Italian restaurant that recently earned its first Michelin Star. Other restaurants that you might want to check out in the neighborhood include Bunna Cafe (Vegan/Ethiopian), Arepera Guacuco (Venezuelan), Lucy's Vietnamese Kitchen, and Akaru (sushi).

Bars off the Dekalb Stop

There are many unique and friendly bars operating in the neighborhood. For smaller dive bars, check out Pearl's Social & Billy Club, or the Bootleg Bar. For cocktail bars, you can't go wrong with June or The Rookery, which also have great outdoor spaces. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a tiki bar, then head over to the Dromedary Bar. If you happen to be a beer connoisseur, be sure to visit the Kings County Brewers Collective.

Things to do off the Dekalb Stop

There are many more things to do near the Dekalb stop other than shop, drink and eat. If you want to see live music, the Footlight Bar regularly showcases local bands. You can also see live music at the House of Yes, although they hold all kinds of unique events, including burlesque shows, costume parties and other performing arts events.

If you're visiting during the day, go to the Maria Hernandez Park, which includes a small dog park. You can also take a yoga class at one of many practices in the neighborhood, such as Goodyoga and the Daya Yoga Studio.


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