Things To Do For The Labor Day Long Weekend
Things To Do For The Labor Day Long Weekend

As the final days of summer begin to approach, Labor Day is on the horizon. Labor Day is an annual workers holiday that is traditionally celebrated early in September. New York City has plenty to offer to those looking to enjoy some Labor Day activities. 

Electric Zoo Festival 

If you would like to dance away the end of the Summer, then the three day celebration known as the Electronic Zoo Festival is perfect for you. Some of the biggest names in electronic music gather together at Electronic Zoo Festival to create an amazing experience. 

The Riis Park Beach Bazaar 

Stop by Riis Beach to enjoy some great music and refreshments. There will be many fun activities at the Beach Bazaar, including sand volleyball and hula hoops. 

West Indian African American Day Carnival 

One of the special attractions of Labor Day are the many costumed gods and goddesses of this parade party throughout the Eastern Parkway. You'll have the opportunity to view different technicolor floats representing Jamaica, Barbados, and other Carribbean nations. Jerk chicken and other cultural foods will be served.

Great North River Tugboat Race 

Come show support to the tugboats at this annual tradition. Sit on the pier and watch the different vessels while competing in an amateur line throwing competition. You'll also have the opportunity to compete in a spinach eating contest. If you would like an enhanced view of the race, ride the Circle Line Spectator Boat. 

NYC Unicycle Festival 

Come witness four days of exciting one wheel entertainment. There will be a large unicycle ride from the Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island, Battery Park, and Central Park. At Governors Island, you'll see even more competitions, including basketball, hockey, and unicycle sumo wrestling. 

Labor Day Parade 

This parade is a celebration of America's workforce. Many representatives of different industries participate in the parade that is organized by the New York City Labor Council. 

Labor Day Dining Options 

2nd City 

Chef Jordan Andino will be serving the Plan B-Rito as the featured Labor Day menu item. The Plan B-Rito features egg, cheese, ham, bacon, and salsa that varies according to the spices. 

Black Top Craft Burgers/Beers 

Michelin starred chef Joe Isidori will prepare a menu featuring a chorizo burger with jalapenos, a blue cheese steak, and different artisanal sandwiches. Labor Day specials include the All American burger and a Miller High Life. 

Salvation Taco 

Salvation Taco is celebrating Labor Day by hosting a rooftop party at the Pod 39 hotel. There will be different drink specials and food entrees served, including a cocktail made with basil and gin, and a tomato salad. DJ Prestige will be providing live entertainment. 

Peaches HotHouse 

Popular due to its casual vibe, Peaches Hothouse offers some of the best dishes of the South on its menu. You can enjoy deep fried spicy Nashville style chicken and rice balls made in the Carolinas.

Katz's Delicatessen 

Katz's Delicatessen is a symbol of New York history, and you are reminded of that as soon as you walk into the establishment. Try the all beef hot dog, a meat cutter, or one of Katz's legendary sandwiches. To finish the order off, enjoy a glass of the hoppy house lager. 

Labor Day Parties 

YES Labor Day BBQ Extravaganza 

Head to the House of YES yard where,you can enjoy hot dogs and patties all day. There is plenty of good music to keep you dancing. 

The Freedom Party 

This NYC dance party is your chance to jump, grind, and shout to different pop, hip hop, and rock classics spun by the DJs' Holler, Cosi, and Smooth.