Transition Your Apartment from Summer to Winter
Transition Your Apartment from Summer to Winter


Seasons change, and so should your apartment décor. The changing weather provides the perfect opportunity to freshen up your apartment and redecorate for the approaching holidays.  Here are some tips on transitioning your apartment in New York City to suit the chilly winter season.


Decorate With Earthy Neutrals


Put away the springtime florals and summer neon—winter is the season of the neutral palette. Browns, dark blues and greens, and light greys dominate winter décor, evoking images of evergreen trees, starry skies, and snowfall. Dark, thick curtains in the bedroom give it a cozy feel, and throw pillows in browns and greens can prepare your living room to match the changing landscape outside.


Bring out the Fleece Blankets


As the temperature drops, nights get colder and flannel sheets become a necessity. In addition to switching out your bedsheets, though, you can drape throw blankets all over your apartment to wrap up with when the days get cold. Blankets, throws, and materials like wool and fleece are perfect for chilly nights inside. Folded on your couch or at the foot of your bed, they can add a homey touch to any room while also providing warmth for nights spent with hot chocolate and holiday movies.


Brighten Up With More Light


One of the most noticeable parts of winter is the shorter days. In New York City, darkness falls in the late afternoon, turning a significant part of the evening into nighttime. To bring some light back into your day, make sure you have plenty of lamps and lighting in your apartment. In a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, a large floor lamp will cover most of the space, but a 2 bedroom apartment will need several lamps to prevent from stubbing your toes in a dark room. For extra mood lighting, you can light a few candles—even using scented ones to give your apartment the right holiday smell.


Layer Patterned Rugs


Playing up patterns on your rugs and other décor balances out the abundance of neutral colors. You can easily layer area rugs with smaller ones in different patterns to create a cozy effect. This has the added bonus of preventing heat from escaping through your floorboards and always giving you a warm, soft surface throughout your apartment!