StuyTown Does Not Disappoint When It Comes to The Ramen Noodle Craze

Authentic ramen noodle shops are opening up all over the country with some gaining so much popularity that they often have lines stretching out the door. The ramen noodle craze is stronger than ever in NYC right now and StuyTown residents are lucky to reap the benefits by being situated near some of the best Ramen spots in Manhattan.

The East Village’s Ippudo holds the title of one of the best Ramen spots in New York City. The restaurants extensive popularity can be seen by the long line out the door. The hotspot just recently unleashed a new vegetarian menu offering of sesame-based vegetarian broth that allows everyone to enjoy the ramen experience. For non-vegetarians, be sure to order the tonkotsu pork ramen with house-made noodles and try to arrive there early enough to beat the line. Crowds gather for a good reason, this is Japanese comfort food at its very best.

One of Japan’s most widely recognized ramen connoisseurs, Shigetoshi Nakamura brought his specialties to the Lower East Side in 2015 when he opened Nakamura. The noodle shop offers a limited menu of meticulously prepared bowls including chicken-based torigara, shaki shaki spicy ramen, and XO miso vegetarian ramen. Nakamura is a perfect ramen spot for ramen lovers who prefer lighter soups.

The acclaimed Tokyo noodle house, Bassanova Ramen brings green-curry ramen and tondaku ramen, a tonkotsu-style long-simmered pork broth to Mott Street. The chic and minimalist all white space is styled with wood and ceramic bowls imported from the original’s hometown of Setagaya. The cozy space is cash only and run by ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto.

Tokyo Chef Takatoshi Nagara dishes up a menu of Japanese snacks and several varieties of ramen at Mr. Taka Ramen. This Lower East Side noodle shop also offers beer and sake in a cozy setting with light-wood tables and an open kitchen. The focus here is on shoyu (soy ramen) with four different varieties available. Some of the appetizers you can snack on before getting your noodles include spicy pickled cucumbers, sweet potato tempura, and Japanese-style chicken wings.

Ramen Setagaya is a classic East Village ramen spot that features traditional and simple soups with delicious noodles. It was the first American outpost of a Japanese chain to open and continues to be a classic go-to spot for ramen in the East Village.

Rai Rai Ken is a Tokyo-style noodle bar that not only serves ramen but also casual Japanese fare. It has been bringing classic bowl of noodles to NYC for about 15 years. Shoyu ramen is one of their most popular dishes which is a soy-based ramen with a big chunk of pork, nori, egg, and a fish cake. The ramen is known to be inexpensive and simple.

David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar serves traditional Japanese noodle dishes to the East Village with a heavy American accent. The house variety ramen is a popular choice that comes with pork belly, pork shoulder, and a poached egg.

For a quality ramen experience be sure to check out any of these spots. StuyTown-Peter Cooper Village 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments in NYC help cure New Yorkers’ obsession with Japanese by being close to some great ramen spots.