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Thanksgiving Office Schedule

Due to the upcoming holidays, Oval Services, the Community Center, and Oval Study will be closed on Thanksgiving (11/22).  We will be closing the day before Thanksgiving (11/21) at 4pm. Resident Services will be available on Thanksgiving to handle any emergency maintenance calls.  


Be a Considerate Smoker

When smoking outside of your building or around property, StuyTown Property Services (SPS) respectfully requests that you do not smoke within 50 feet of any building. Every resident should have the right to keep their windows open without secondhand smoke entering their apartment. Smoking urns have been installed around property to both draw smokers away from buildings and keep burnt cigarettes off the ground. SPS thanks you for your cooperation.


The Heating System: How It Works & How To Report Issues

While New York City has guidelines for cold-weather heat requirements, StuyTown Property Services (SPS) operates by more stringent rules (warmer apartments).

SPS engineers aim to maintain apartment temperature set points at 72° during the day and 68° at night (both are above NYC-mandated temps) when the outside air temperature is below 55 degrees. Please note that there will be times that the steam pipe is cold to the touch; this does not mean the heat is off. Similar to a traditional thermostat, PCVST’s heating system (3 sensors per building, per stack, send apartment temperatures to the building management system) will periodically turn itself off when setpoint temperatures are exceeded. Steam will flow again when the sensors tell the heating system the setpoint temperatures are approaching.

If a resident believes their apartment to be cold, the engineers are greatly assisted with a thermometer reading. SPS will provide you with a complimentary thermometer. If the ambient air in your apartment drops below the two setpoints (day 72/night 68), call Resident Services at 212.420.5000, option #1. The engineers will figure it out but again, knowing the temperature of the apartment helps with the diagnosis.

Every resident should be comfortable during the winter months; if there’s an issue, we want to make it right.


Pre-Holiday Reminder: Check Your Kitchen Appliances

As Thanksgiving and other holidays fast approach, SPS would like to remind residents to check your stove and oven before you begin preparing delicious holiday meals!

What to do:

  • Turn on your oven to 400o and let it run for 15 minutes to ensure it heats up
  • Check all stove burners to ensure that they are working.

If you experience any issues, please contact Resident Services at 212-420-5000, Option 1 or to schedule an appointment for repair.


Doggy Etiquette 101

Now that the amnesty period is over, let's chat about walking your dog on property, elevators, and encountering other dogs. Here are a few pointers:


  • Keep your dog on a leash that is less than 6 feet.
  • Stand away from the elevators before boarding - if a dog is coming off, they need some room. Same deal if you have a dog in the elevator, look before you leave the elevator.


  • Bring your dog into the laundry room - it's a no-dog zone.
  • It's never OK to approach a dog without first clearing it with the owner. You never know how a dog is going to react to strangers.
  • Your dog should be leashed at all times in the building - especially in the lobbies and hallways. Even if your dog is a tiny Chihuahua, he can still bite someone if he's scared!

Thank you for being a responsible dog owner. As a reminder, you can register your dog by going to Any questions? Email


DOT Improvements to Avenue C, 20th Street

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will implement safety improvements on E. 20th Street from 1st Ave. to Ave. C.

  • Upgrade existing standard bike lanes to a two-way parking-protected bike lane along the north curb.
  • Install two bus boarding islands for M23 and M9 stops, relocating the M23 stop at 1st Ave. 145’ to the east.
  • Construct a new curb extension and pedestrian island at E 20th St. and Ave. C to shorten crossing distances.
  • Upgrade pedestrian ramps at Ave. C and E 18th St.
  • Update signal timing at E 20th St. and 1st Ave. to improve safety.

Click here to learn more.

In addition, overnight DOT work is expected to begin the week of October 15. This work will include the upgrade of 4 pedestrian ramps on the east side of Ave. C and 18th Street/FDR Exit 7 off-ramp. Upgrading ramps at this location will improve access to the ferry landing, greenway, and the temporary M14 terminal. This work will take approximately 1-1.5 weeks, with the overnight work expected to be completed within one week, weather permitting.

For additional information about this project, contact the DOT Manhattan Borough Commissioner's Office at 212.839.6210 or visit them online at Sign up for updates at


14th Street L Train Construction Update (9/28)

MTA New York City Transit was just notified by the contractor of imminent changes that StuyTown residents will start seeing on 14th St. The configuration was approved by DOT after looking at multiple layouts, as this provided the most minimal impact to businesses on the south side of 14th St between Avenue A and Avenue B. This will change how the street configuration is projected to look through the end of the year. Notable items include:

  • The main change is that the jet grouting operation is shifting down 14th St toward Avenue B.
  • 14th St will remain a two-way road with one lane each to maintain the bus routes.
  • Parking on 14th St will still be allowed on the south side of 14th St, including the stores as you approach Avenue B.
  • The two-way access to and from the Stuyvesant Town parking garage will be maintained, although you might see some construction in this area to keep the access open.
  • Parking will be eliminated on both of the service roads between Avenue A and B as well as on the north side of 14th St. No parking signs and barrels should be up and posted already.
  • The equipment is changing on site as well and they are moving the noise mitigating materials (sound blankets, sound barriers) with the equipment.


How the MTA is managing asbestos, silica, and dust. Top three things to know:

  • Asbestos is removed before any construction is done: The MTA conducted a survey to identify any areas with asbestos-containing materials, and prior to doing construction, that asbestos will be removed from the materials.
  • Materials containing asbestos will not be near you: It is removed using a controlled process, so any materials you see above ground do not contain asbestos.
  • Their process follows regulations and guidelines from relevant federal, state, and city government agencies: MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) follows requirements for removing and disposing of asbestos from USEPA, NYSDOL, NYSDEC, NYSDEP, federal/state/local DOT and their own policy.

Read more here on the MTA's process, the rules they follow, and how they measure to make sure it works for the L project.


MTA's construction site commitment for the L project. Top three things to know:

  • Work hours: Sometimes work will happen underground overnight, but above-ground work will never be 24/7.
  • Noise: The contractors are following noise rules from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and they have found that the MTA is currently in compliance.
  • Air quality: The MTA has a dust control plan in place, and are measuring its effectiveness with monitors that are tracking a metric called PM10. They are currently in compliance.

Read more here for details on working hours, how they measure noise and mitigate it, and how they manage other nuisances like dust.


To prepare the tunnel for construction ahead of the L shutting down in April, service will be suspended on all weekends in October and two in November. Here’s the list:

  • October 5-8
  • October 12-15
  • October 19-22
  • October 26-29
  • November 9-12
  • November 16-19

More updates will be shared as they become available. Have questions? Contact Marcus A. Book, MTA NYCT's Assistant Director of Government & Community Relations, at


Playground Updated Information

Please excuse our Appearance…Progress is in the air as we continue to enhance the community. Here is a brief list of the improvements currently being completed – and just getting started. StuyTown Property Services thanks you for your understanding and patience while we work to repair and improve these facilities.

Playground Card Readers: 

  • Weather permitting, the remaining playgrounds in StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village currently without card readers should be completed by December 1st.

StuyTown Playground #1:

  • Due to unfortunate weather in September, we could not complete the resurfacing. The painting will be completed as soon as the warmer, dryer weather returns in the spring
  • All-new sports programs premiering soon: hockey for adults and youth, inline skating, tee-ball, soccer, and more. More details soon.

StuyTown Playground #4:

  • Due to recently discovered unsafe conditions, including a crack in the surface and aging play structures, Playground #4 will be closed until further notice. We look forward to new and improved facilities and equipment in early 2019.


L train Update: The Latest on Tunnel Reconstruction

MTA New York City Transit and NYCDOT are continuing to stay in contact with your StuyTown management team. We’ll be using this newsletter to keep you updated on those conversations ahead of the date that the L closes for 15 months, starting in April 2019 (the exact date isn’t set yet).

Here’s a preview of the plan that the MTA and NYCDOT have put together for the transportation options that you’ll have when the L is closed. The plan, which is designed to account for 100 percent of L train riders, is in the final stages (due to an environmental assessment being performed), and if you would like to see the current draft of the plan, you can find it here.
But how should StuyTown residents plan to get around when you can’t use to L starting in April 2019? Here are some early tips from the MTA based on the transportation plan:

  • To get to Union Square, 6th Avenue, and 8th Avenue, you’ll be able to catch the M14 SBS at either 14th Street and 1st Avenue or from the first stop underneath the FDR at Avenue C and 20th Street.
        • FYI: The existing M14A, M14D, and M23 SBS will continue to run as well, but there may be some minor changes to stop locations on 14th Street as construction progresses. We’ll provide updates as they become available.
  • To get to the Williamsburg waterfront and Bedford Avenue area in Brooklyn, you can use a new temporary L train ferry at Stuyvesant Cove (Avenue C and 20th St).
  • To get to L stations east of Bedford Avenue, your best bet will be to use new temporary buses – L1 bus or L4 bus, which will be stopping at 14th St and 2nd Avenue.
        • FYI: Both of these buses will connect to the J and M trains at Delancey St-Essex St, and the L1 will go to Grand Street in Williamsburg, where you can connect to the L train at the Grand St station. The L1 will also connect to G train’s Metropolitan Avenue station, where an old station entrance at Union Avenue and Hope Street will be reopened.
  • A couple of additional helpful bits of information on the transportation schedule: The M14 SBS is going to start up in January, but until the L closure begins, it will run a shortened route so it won’t go east of 1st Avenue.


NYC Ferry Launches LES Route

The NYC Ferry has recently launched a Lower East Side Route with a stop right across from property at Stuyvesant Cove. Click here to see the stops and view the schedule.

In response to resident concerns about non-resident ferry-riders walking through property, StuyTown Property Services is taking the following measures to keep our private property private:
    • Public Safety Officers are posted along Avenue C, highly visible during heavy use periods and monitoring traffic.
    • Traffic will be monitored as far as where riders go, north or south, to better understand where more officers and potentially physical barricades are most needed.
    • Usage is expected to be nominal until the L Train temporarily shuts down. Once the L shuts down, a bus terminal will be under the FDR making it less likely for riders to attempt walking through property.


New Bike Removal Policy

Effective October 1, 2018, StuyTown Property Services will implement a Bicycle Removal Policy. This policy is being implemented in an effort to keep the property clear of bicycles chained to fences, poles, etc. Any bicycle visibly chained or attached to any piece of property on the inner perimeter or outer fenced perimeter of the property will be removed immediately and a tag (see above) will be left indicating the bike has been confiscated by Public Safety. There will no longer be a 24-hour courtesy period. The bicycles will be removed and safeguarded by Public Safety for 30 days, after which they will be discarded.


Oval Closed on Mondays

Please support our efforts to maintain the health and beauty of the Oval Lawn. Every Monday, starting June 25th and throughout the summer and fall, the Oval Lawn will be closed from dawn till dusk. The Stuytown Horticulture Team and Garden Shop will perform maintenance, beautification, and allow for recovery. For your convenience, you may utilize other lawn areas circled on the map here. Thank you for your understanding.


Proper Furniture Disposal

Whether you are moving in, moving out, or getting some new furniture for your apartment, StuyTown Property Services would like to remind all residents of the proper procedure for disposing of furniture and mattresses.

StuyTown offers free disposal appointments for all upholstered items: mattresses, box springs, chairs, and similar pieces of furniture. We will wrap them in plastic and pick them up at no cost to you. Appointments can be scheduled via Resident Services, Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm or 1pm-4pm, with non-upholstered items collected at an hourly rate. Call 212.420.5000 to schedule an appointment.

Alternatively, leave bulk items on any Loop Road or Peter Cooper Road at the clearly marked location closest to your building. Please avoid leaving furniture on the side of the road or in the carriage room, so we can keep our community looking beautiful.



Public Safety Awareness Month

As the days become shorter and the Holiday Season fast approaches, StuyTown Property Services is once again offering various safety classes ranging from self-defense to cybercrimes. We are partnering with various groups of the NYPD to conduct classes along with our Public Safety Team.

Click below for our full calendar of events and sign up at