Chinatown Just Steps From StuyTown

Manhattan’s Chinatown, located west of the Lower East Side and to the east of Tribeca, is the largest “Chinatown” in the United States and has been home to successive waves of Chinese immigration since the 1870s. During the 1900s large numbers of Cantonese and Fuzhounese-speaking immigrants arrived and helped the neighborhood form its identity. Despite the continuously changing landscape of New York City, Chinatown has managed to maintain its cultural roots and strong sense of tradition. The area is known for its densely-packed streets and sidewalks populated shoulder-to-shoulder with pedestrians.

People flock to Chinatown to experience its attractions: karaoke bars, authentic cuisines, stands selling exotic foods (think dim sum, wonton soup, dumplings, and Peking duck), jewelry, and gift shops. The neighborhood is known for its bargains when it comes to shopping and food. Some popular spots include: Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Royal Seafood, Wo Hop, Spicy Village, Peking Duck House, Mission Chinese Food and Oriental Garden. It is also known for its food markets, where shoppers can buy hard-to-find produce, like lychees or dragon fruits.

Chinatown has an upbeat and thriving night life. New bars are constantly popping up. Apotheke is a Prohibition-era style bar that specializes in mixology and crafted cocktails. 169 Bar has been around since 1916 and is one of the oldest watering holes in NYC. It features a vintage Tiki aesthetic with colored lights, palm trees, and a leopard print pool table. Whiskey Tavern is a local saloon dedicated to bourbon, rye and scotch. For a fun karaoke night, Asia Roma is where people can go on stage and sing Mandarin pop songs as well as classic American hits.

If you’re looking to experience an authentic neighborhood rich in heritage and tradition, Chinatown is the perfect cultural spot that is just a short commute away from StuyTown no broker fee apartments in NYC.