Frequently Asked Move-In Questions

Q. How do I schedule a move-in?

A. To schedule your move-in time slot and reserve an elevator slot click here to fill out a move-in form. Send the completed form to or fax to 212.375.8119. Your move-in should be scheduled at least 10 days in advance.  


Q. What days can I schedule a move in?

A. Move-ins can be scheduled 7 days a week. StuyTown Property Services (SPS) offers 2 move-in time slots: the morning shift (7am to 1 pm) or the afternoon shift (1pm to 7pm).  


Q. What is a COI and do I need one for my move?

A. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is only required if you’re using a moving company. Please ensure that the moving company you’re using sends a Certificate of Insurance to or faxed to 212.375.8119 prior to your move-in date. Self-move-ins and furniture deliveries do not require a COI.


Q. Does StuyTown work with any move-in companies that can help move me into StuyTown?

A. Yes, StuyTown has 4 preferred movers. As a new resident, you have exclusive access to the free moving coordination services provided by Oval Services, StuyTown’s on-site concierge. Fill out a short form or call 212.375.8110 and an Oval Services staff member can assist you with getting move-in estimates.


Q. What cable providers are available and how do I set up internet and cable upon moving in?

A. The three available providers are Verizon FIOS, RCN, and Spectrum formerly Time Warner Cable. You can contact the providers directly or reach out to Oval Services at 212.375.8110 for assistance (Spectrum is available on property but cannot be setup through Oval Services).


Q. Are there any procedures that I need to know about for my move?

A. Move-ins must be performed on the terrace level (StuyTown) or basement level (PCV). StuyTown Property Services (SPS) ask that doors are not propped pen or left unattended. No large items are left in the hallways or lobbies and all boxes and packing materials are broken down and left in the recycling area on the terrace or basement level.


Q. What keys do I need to pick up in order to get into my new apartment?

A.  You will be given three sets of keys: apartment, laundry and mailbox keys. Your keys will be available the day before your lease start-date and can be picked up at the Welcome Center located at 250 1st Avenue. In addition, you will be given a photo access card for which a photo will be taken of you and used for building entry access. The photos can be taken at the time of key pickup at the Welcome Center.


Q. Is there a parking lot or a loading area in my building?

A. No, StuyTown buildings can be accessed via loop roads or service roads. Please refer to our property map on the website.


Q. When should I schedule large package or furniture deliveries?

A. Large package and or furniture deliveries should be scheduled no earlier than your lease start date. These do not need to be scheduled in advance through management but StuyTown Property Services (SPS) asks that someone be home to accept these deliveries so that large items are not left in the hallways or lobby


For additional information please visit the move-in procedures page