Best Sushi Spots In The Area

New York’s sushi scene has really taken off. Quality sushi can now be found in practically every Manhattan neighborhood and often ranges from being relatively affordable to on the pricier side. StuyTown’s 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments in NYC are located near some quality sushi spots that will definitely fulfill your weekly sushi cravings. Here’s our guide to sushi in the area:

Kanoyama is an authentic yet off-the-radar East Village Sushi restaurant with a large daily specials menu and unique seasonal fish items. This includes butter fish and buttery salmon along with a signature red-miso soup topped with fresh crabmeat.

Sushi Dojo is one of the East Village’s prime sushi spots. The omakase, as well as appetizers, like grilled octopus tentacle, eki karaage, and fried shrimp head are all known to be extremely fresh. Some highlights include their bargain omakase option (45$). On weekends, they play club music. 

Natori is an East Village hole-in-the-wall with great sushi. Look for the alligator appetizer on the menu. The spot serves a variety of other unusual Japanese appetizers, like rice vinegar marinated pumpkin. Natori serves daily lunch specials, which are served in the wood-toned restaurant/sushi bar with a fish tank and holiday lights as décor (58 St. Marks Place).

Takahatchi is your local East Village sushi joint that is cheap enough to be in your regular dinner rotation. It’s so popular that it’s known to have a permanent 15 minute wait. The spot features a large menu of cooked and raw items. A popular item is the kushiyaki skewers of meat and vegetable, which are grilled and crispy.

Kotobuki has a straightforward and simple décor and a menu featuring quality kitchen plates, fresh sushi rolls and sashimi pieces. Appetizers include: sautéed gyoza and beef sashimi. Some of the popular items on the sushi bar are the “K-Mac slider” a combination of tuna, rice, and avocado with a crunchy texture. 

Kyo Ya is an underground Michelin-starred Japanese eatery. It specializes in kaiseki cuisine, which is characterized by artistic presentation of dishes and intricate and multi-course menus highlighting seasonal ingredients. Under Chef Chikara Sono, the spot offers plenty raw fish options on both tasting and a la carte menus. If you are looking to impress someone who loves Japanese food, Kyo Ya is the answer.

Sushi on Jones breaks restaurant conventions by being an outdoor, four-seat, omakase-only sushi bar where you are limited to a 30-minute meal and have to make a reservation by text message. The mini-food counter located inside the Bowery Market offers rolls and pieces to-go through food delivery applications like Postmates and Caviar.

Jewel Bako is a high-end sushi and omakase spot in the East Village. The restaurant is a veteran of the New York sushi scene and is famous for its live ingredients. Their omakase includes large makimono rolls that are stuffed with live scallop, salmon skin and snow crab.

Lucky enough for residents of StuyTown’s no fee NYC apartments, all of these restaurants are just a short commute away!